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Maslow Case Study 15 1) Cindy’s first 12 months of existence was a extremely trying 1, and according to Maslow, the primary needs on her pecking order were not becoming sufficiently met. The first need is to acquire physiological demands satisfied for sheer success purposes, including receiving satisfactory food, normal water, elimination and sleep. Maslow explained that for a person not obtaining these things, their particular idea of a great place can be one high is plenty of meals and normal water and they may sleep and eliminate if he or she want, if they had all of these items they would assume that they would be perfectly content material and completely happy.

For most, these requires are easily happy, but for Cindy this was not the truth. The doctor who performed Cindy’s checkups noted that she was not developing at the rate of normal newborns her grow older, so your woman immediately supposed neglect, which would contain not supplying Cindy enough nutrition. Seeing that everyone of her checkups were late and occasional, the medical professional began to problem the amount of solution Cindy was receiving and learned that it was nowhere near enough for a child her age.

Cindy had likewise developed a sever diaper rash with a yeast infect by the third check up that the physician was also very worried about. The need to become physically well would also fall under the physiological requires. Although Cindy’s physiological demands were not fully satisfied, examples of satisfaction will allow Cindy to get the needs of other periods working as well. Safety demands, or the need to feel a feeling of structure, order, security and predictability, are next about Maslow’s hierarchy.

Cindy’s mom was considered to be a forty five year old drug addict who live in a poor area that located African Us citizens and Latinos, mostly. The mother had no house of her own and did not find out who the father was, she would move via house to accommodate where her friends could put her up for a little while. The mother would as well stay with the grandmother every once in awhile. This constant moving, with no home of her individual, inadequate nutrition, no appreciate or affection shown with out predictability every day would definitely demonstrate that Cindy’s safety requirements were not satisfied.

The third want, the need for belongingness and appreciate, was clearly also not satisfied. Her mother neglected her so much that on one occasion Cindy was dehydrated towards the point of medical risk. Once she was finally fostered, her initial create family was able to provide her with sufficient physiological and safety demands, however , that they still would not provide belongingness and like. They confirmed her tiny affection and rarely held her or talked to her.

By the end of Cindy’s initial year, the lady looked as though she had been only six months old early childhood. Also, when the family relocated to another state they had zero desire to adopt her, which also revealed how small they maintained her emotionally. The outcome of Cindy’s 1st trying 12 months of existence was extreme underdevelopment in which she may barley get at one full year, an repulsion to love where Cindy would recoil at a person’s touch, and a sense of uncertainness and shyness to her. ) During Cindy’s second yr of your life, she was placed with a much better engender family may not only happy her demands for your survival and protection, they were also very loving. The family got two different daughters, who had been trilled to get a baby sis to take care of, the mother remained at home with the youngsters during the day and the father was there in the evenings when the mother was functioning four nights a week in the home. Cindy had a clean, quiet environment where your woman was exposed to other kids.

She was also displayed a lot of affection, which will at first your woman resisted, but eventually the girl began to become accustom to it as well as began in search of it out and developed faster. By the time your woman was coping with this family for half a year, she acquired caught up towards the development of kids her age. Once Cindy’s biological mother overdosed and died, the alternative for adoption was there and the fresh family enjoyably accepted Cindy into generally there life completely. The outcome of of this was that Cindy started to be a happy, assured child on a single level because other kids her age group. ) In respect to Maslow, if Cindy were to actualize, the type of ideals she would need to embrace might include a great acceptance of herself, other folks and of mother nature in general, which will would allow her not to truly feel a sense of anxiousness, shame or guilt because of her scenario as a child. Also, autonomy, gratitude for life occasions, creativity coming from an visibility to experience and spontaneity, an unhostile spontaneity and a powerful ethical sense would all be values Cindy would have to embrace to be a self-actualizer.

There are various other characteristics that Maslow listed as owned by these types u people, require have a far more immediate relationship to Cindy and her upbringing. Her early years as a child would defiantly not offer Cindy the predisposition to have these principles, however , her fortunate scenario in which the lady was afterwards adopted with a loving and providing family would be able to provide her the other demands she craves to reach self-actualization.

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