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As noticed in the picture listed below: Would this work for this application? This will work. The A/C technician is required to understand some type of algebra and learn how to use it. Understanding this will allow him/her to graph an air-flow chart.

This may use an isomorphic simple chart so the same number of ends to overlap with the quantity vertices. This may show that the proper ventilation is given from one point to the other point as quickly as possible, this allows for the air to maintain the temperature that you are looking for.

Having the capacity to maintain the same temperature means less time your unit will operate and this saves you money in your bills. This may be a real universe application, as the A/C specialist has to use math on a regular basis. Example 2: In this model we will endeavour to Stop any kind of traffic boating way from town. This is done by positioning barriers inside the water way. But since the river get larger as it gets further away from town, the barriers need to be placed just right to block the water way targeted traffic. As noticed in the picture below:

When placing the limitations, the first thing you should do is determine which points to place the barriers. This will allow the use of fewer obstacles in this app. Would begin with details G, T, H, and L. This point have a shortest range between them and would be much easier to block. After that if you wished to add more protection to the town you might place even more barriers by points D, E, and F. At this point in a true to life application this may be used in anything as the military preventing or reducing the traffic going on and if the base.

Case in point 3: Companies and Workers Employers Division 1 Department 2 3 4 Utmost # region Wanted Yes No SIMPLY NO # Region Needed Through this example the table reveals where an employer was asked to hire even more employees to be able to cover 95 departments with 30 different areas. Each new employee works in areas 1, a couple of, and three or more. The area assigned to the staff would be determined by the employer him/herself. The desk above givens an example of how it will proceed. Then the total question will be how the designated areas would be split up.

With regards to converting the table over into a chart to the solution, I am at somewhat off damage. The employee quantities 1, 2, and several would in that case be converted into vertices ODL, DO, is to do and the different areas into AY, AZ and AY which can be shown inside the diagram listed below: In the plan you have to change the G’s with Do’s and the CSS with the Butt. Believe the assigned areas would be directed at the employees by employer. An employer would be assign to an worker by unique. The employee will follow the employer’s number through the graph.

This will tart in area one particular and continue on through 3. If you have 75 employers and 30 staff they would become assigned in areas because 34, 33, and 33 this would allow all areas being covered as well as the jobs designed in a on time manner. With this paper I have provided types of networking stream charts for the best of my knowledge. This type of flow chart shows just how things can easily flow as well as the way you can block the flow of information or even drinking water or atmosphere. You can apply this to a lot of of different area’s in life. If you can imagine it, I am sure it will work for you.

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