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1 . FastFit Case Study FastFit Sporting Goods can be described as successful Fresh England regional supplier of sporting goods to the high end consumer market. They sell an exclusive number of equipment and apparel to men and women who have exercise and pursue exercises on a regular basis.

That they operate five (5) upscale retail stores inside the New England market that offer a high level of customer attention, with a headquarters (HQ) is within Burlington, Massachusetts, and just one warehouse, distribution, and internet commerce fulfillment centre in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Most of their products are purchased from two suppliers, Winter months Gear Distributers outside of Providence, Rhode Area, and Boston Fitness Products in Marlboro, Massachusetts. FastFit has expanded successfully inside the New Britain area in the last five years. However to expand nationally as a major retailer, they need to improve the scalability of their functions (stores and warehouses). A key part of their very own strategy should be to leverage data systems to automate and improve businesses, to strengthen administration controls, and also to enable significant growth while keeping the “high touch customer experience.

A diagram with their complete non-Web based procedures follows. Observe figure 1 . [pic] Number 1: A Schematic diagram of FastFit Sporting Goods Businesses The Initial Pair of Case Study Concerns The simple program diagram beneath may be used to answer the following concerns. The queries should be clarified using your practical and familiarity with retail techniques because many of us have bought points at a store. Be specific about those items of information, wherever they are captured, stored and used.

How the information moves or is definitely moved within just FastFit can be shown by student adding labeled arrows added to the diagram beneath. See determine 2 . Physique 2: Starting Point for a System Diagram of FastFit Organization Information Flows A General Problem 1 . Tag the main goes of goods and money in the diagram (above). Use solitary headed arrows and use a key or table of descriptive factors to explain your answer. Consumer Questions (focus on the client and FastFit process flows, i. e. the front end of the diagram) 2 . ) List the particular items of data that are usually gathered at the POS (Point of Sale terminal or perhaps cash register) and recorded when a buyer checks out (excluding obtaining the identity of the customer which is covered in Q3)? b) Precisely what are three significant uses of this information with the store by store director and by headquarters management ” a total of six uses? 3. a) What are a lot of ways to receive the identity in the customer with the POS and associate this “identity with more detailed advice about the customer? b) What business actions can FastFit then simply take dependant on this info?. Assume HQ is responsible for replenishing inventory with the stores. a) What data is needed and exactly how is it utilized to decide points to send with each store? b) Where will the information come from? c) For what reason didn’t we have each retail outlet decide what to order through the warehouse? Distributor Questions (focus on the FastFit and Supplier process flows, i. elizabeth. the back end of the diagram) 5. a) Draw something diagram that shows the key information and product goes between FastFit (HQ and Warehouse) and a distributor, including the steps for purchasing and invoicing and labeled each stream descriptively.

This kind of diagram will have three groups. b) Review your drawing with the diagram showing the flows between the customer and the store and explain why the former is far more complicated. six. Assume that FastFit headquarters obtains and compensates invoices by suppliers. a) How do they decide whether to spend and how very much to pay? b) From where do they get the information to generate this decision? eCommerce Pair of Case Study Concerns 7. Illustrate three geographic locations from where customers may submit purchases and details technology parts customers would need (on all their end) to accomplish this ordering activity. Location |Information Technology Component | |Home |Server | | |Desktop | | |Laptop | | |Routers | | |Web Server Application | |Road / Anywhere |Smart Phones | | |Web | |Work |Laptops | |School |Routers | | |Web Storage space Application | 8. a) Describe the info technology parts FastFit must interact with clients on the web. [Hint: Locate a detailed justification of ecommerce system websites in the course textbook and/or internet search. ] b) At what geographic area within FastFit would you place these information technology components and why? a) |IT pieces | |Application providers pertaining to the obtain and sale for goods |Software applications | | |Web software | | |Security software | | |Database | |Technology infrastructure services that enables web commerce |Routers | | |Storages | | |Servers (web and commerce) | | |Data centers | | |Hardware | | |Networks | by MD PowerPoint session 20 9. FastFit is about to invest considerably in its web commerce platform to boost online buying. Describe 3 technology features/capabilities that should be contained in the platform and supply business justifications for each feature. |Technology feature/capability |Description |Business Justification | |Browser |Program that a end user uses to interact with web|Users have access to the company from | | |servers on the internet |anywhere.

Maximize costumer contact with | | | |store. | | | |Improve operations by making store more | | | |accessible to consumer. | |Web Server |Program that convey with many web browsers |Allows to get multiple users to connect to | | |at the same time using http, by control |the website at the same fast. | |and responding to their particular requests |Increase number of deals being | | | |processed at the same time | |Commerce Server |Computer that provides an enterprise with |Allows transactions being completed through | | |web-based courses that display products, |the web. | | |support online ordering, implements a |Enables buyers to receive information | | |shopping cart, record and process payments, |about products.

Automates inventory | | |and program with inventory-management |management | | |applications | | *from MD PowerPoint program 20 15. a) What does the Haverhill purchase fulfillment middle do? b) Describe the information needed at the warehouse to provide fulfillment services. c) Identify the information developed or changed/updated during the course of an e-commerce business transaction. a) i. Storage ii. Order processing 3. Finding the item ordered iv. Packing purchase v. Delivery it towards the right addresses b) Satisfaction Service |Information Needed | |Warehousing |Inventory information | | |Warehouse capacity | | |Warehouse organization | | |Suppliers information | |Order Finalizing |Order Info | | |Item purchased and sum ordered | | |Inventory information (items and quantity) | | |Consumer Information | |Finding the item ordered |Warehouse structure information | | |Item ordered code | |Packing order |Order Information | | |Ending inventory Data | |Shipping order to proper address/store |Consumer Information | | |Delivery/Shipping Information | *Vendorseek. com c) i. Costumer Addresses for delivery ii. Purchase payment verification iii. Client Confirmation of order 4. Consumer email contact sixth is v. Consumer confirmation of delivery date

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