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McDonald’s VS APPLEBEES Fast Food traditions In the worldwide Fast food, since you can understand Is the term referring to food that Is well prepared and can be provided In a fast time. It can be traditionally American style meals that always included French fries, hamburgers and soft drinks. Restaurants shop precooked substances, once the client gives an order, take-away can be prepared In a when.

To be known as as “Fast food”, these food types must meet a few standards: good time management, top quality stability and fixed price. It is a very popular meal style in a few well-developed urban centers, since the people have a totally busy life.

The first registered fast food restaurant A, T is founded in 1919 at the united states, and the second one is the famous company White Castle in 1921. With this century, fast food restaurants develop and most of those become stores suppliers. US people spent billions on buying take out every year. The fast food the positive effect had now become a large social issue. Nowadays you will find over 500, 000 take out restaurants and thousands brands in the whole community. And today we will focus on the two head sectors in Hong Kong- McDonald’s and APPLEBEES. Introduction of McDonald’s McDonald’s Is definitely the biggest fast food chain In the world.

That founded In 1940 simply by Richard and Maurice McDonald. Nowadays, more than 33, 000 McDonald’s restaurants were proven in the throughout the world. The products of McDonald’s happen to be In various types, mainly burgers, French fries, hens and fizzy drinks. Sometimes, they will provide in season meal to draw customers such as , Shake Shake People from france fries’. Next differences of choices, McDonald’s would present vegetarian food too. To be able to fit the culture, they could change the meals a little bit such as not rendering beef in India. You can always find one on the street, because there are as a whole 200 stores in Hk.

McDonald’s shot to popularity all the time because of busy life schedule of Hong Kong people. Introduction of KFC Alternatively, the Kentucky Fried Rooster (KFC) is definitely the largest deep-fried chicken shop in the world, and the second greatest fast food sequence after the McDonald’s. Harland Sanders founded APPLEBEES in 1930 at Kentucky in the United States of America. APPLEBEES practically provides fried chicken pieces, coleslaw and refreshments. The demand for KFC’s chicken breast comes trom its initial secret formula which mixed with 11 herbs and spices. Not Ilke the McDonald’s, KFC contains a smaller range with simply 63 retailers In Hong Kong.

However , the numbers did not affect the KFC’s second most significant place of junk food chain In Hong Kong. Advantages and disadvantages of Take out always in active life plan. Facing hard workload, they could only have half an hour to have a meal and dash beck to their work. As a result, these quick service eating places help to resolve to not enough time trouble. Meals may be prepared within just ten mins. No matter how scrumptious other foodstuff are, Hong Kong people have too little time to purchase ingredients, cook or enjoy. Second is definitely the stability of food within just one cycle of fast food restaurant.

Preferences are ainly the same in just about any store. You will not ever taste negative with the same meal. And the prices will be predictable and affordable as well. One take out meal is always cheaper you cook only at home. However , fast food since called since Junk food, impacting people’s well being. Restaurant generally uses a lot of additives just like salt, flavorings and additives. The large quantity of calories and ingredients are damaging to human body. Considering that the fast food is all pre-cooked, the nutrients of the ingredients happen to be lost. Consequently , some people might say that fast food is only to get surviving.

Consuming fast food within a long term might cause arious disorders such as diabetes and myocardial infarction. Comparison of McDonald’s and APPLEBEES In Hong Kong, McDonald’s is actually in a much larger scale than KFC. Apart from the differences for the food kinds, the way they run the company can be a bit distinct too. In addition to fast food restaurant, McDonald’s have got McCafs to provide desserts and coffee like Starbucks. Besides, McDonald’s include works in several area of contemporary society such as charitable trust, children wellness affair. Nevertheless the KFC is merely only a restaurant in Hong Kong. Consequently , people would called McDonald’s as a better company than KFC in Hong Kong.

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