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Oracle Customer Example Infosys Goes toward University to make Business Globally “The quality of the training is very great and the supplies are extremely properly designed. We have also had extremely strong feedback from Infosys staff with completed courses at Oracle University. ” – Doctor Subhash Chandra Rastogi, Mind, Enterprise Solutions Academy, Infosys Technologies Ltd Infosys Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: INFY) defines, designs, and delivers IT-enabled business solutions.

These kinds of solutions give attention to providing customers with ideal differentiation and operational brilliance. Infosys creates these solutions by leveraging its site and business expertise to offer a complete range of services. Pertaining to the fiscal year closing March 31, 2007, Infosys recorded earnings of more than US$3 billion with net income of over US$850 million. Infosys is a NASDAQ 100 company. Infosys runs on the global cha?non with Oracle to deliver Oracle-based systems and services to clients throughout the world.

These enable businesses to generate a more flexible architecture to aid faster application of new applications, achieve a consolidated view of their global supply chain, keep costs down by leveraging global sourcing, or use predictive functions to exploit rising opportunities or perhaps avert emerging obstacles. To aid Infosys’ status as a Global SI Partner—recognized at the Worldwide Certified Benefits Partner level—Oracle has presented extensive teaching support through its Oracle University educational resource.

More than 3, 1000 Infosys staff globally possess benefited through Oracle University-based knowledge, allowing them to deliver Oracle products to a advanced of expertise. Oracle University programs typically operate between five and 15 days, depending on the complexity of the product and associated organization process improvements. “The top quality of the classes is very great and the elements are extremely properly designed, ” explained Dr Subhash Chandra Rastogi, head with the Enterprise Solutions Academy in Infosys. We have also had extremely solid feedback from Infosys staff who have completed courses in Oracle University. ” Copyright © 08, Oracle. Every rights reserved. Oracle can be described as registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other titles may be logos of their individual owners. Printed February 08 Infosys Technologies Ltd Bangalore, India www. infosys. com Industry: Specialist Services Annual Revenue: US$3. 09 billion Employees: 85, 500 Oracle Products , Services: Oracle University Key Benefits:

Ascertained more than 95 staff happen to be certified in Oracle E-Business Suite, being approved them to offer the solution to consumers worldwide Offered feedback into the beta type of Oracle E-Business Package Enabled personnel around the world to attempt training in their particular time by way of online programs Enabled a lot more than 3, 000 employees to consider various Oracle University learning programs by using a range of delivery modes Oracle Customer Case Study Upskilling Offers Results Infosys is one of the planet’s most rapidly growing consulting and information technology companies companies. In 2007, you�re able to send revenues crossed US$3 billion.

Key to you�re able to send success is usually its low-risk, high-quality Global Delivery Model, whereby operate is split up into logical components to be completed in one of the most efficient area. With staff numbers increasing sharply, in 2003 Infosys created a great Enterprise Alternatives Academy (ES Academy) inside the company to control the educational requirements of everyone via new recruits to 20-year veterans. The ES Schools currently must service an annual intake that reached one particular, 740 engineers and MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION graduates in 2006. “This is an extremely different concept for a devices integrator, but we had to make sure our staff could get the expertise nd certification required to service our clients to the extremely highest level, ” said Dr Rastogi. While the SERA Academy on its own provides an intensive portfolio of training and documentation courses, the academy offers partnered with Oracle College or university to provide their consultants with training in Oracle products. “Oracle is constantly developing its portfolio of alternatives, upgrading existing products, and acquiring cool product companies, ” said Dr Rastogi. “Oracle University delivers expert, specific training across the Oracle package of products and services. You cannot find any point in us trying to identical this effort or purchase something we don’t need to, ” he added. Participating in the Oracle University or college program provides benefits to Infosys aside from a more competent workforce. As a strategic spouse to Oracle, Infosys could also contribute expertise to the advancement new Oracle products and services. “We did contribute to the beta certification of Oracle E-Business Suite, with more than a hundred and fifty Infosys consultants providing type to Oracle University concerning where the product could be superior, ” explained Dr Rastogi. We now have much more than 100 persons certified in Oracle Elektronische gesch�ftsabwicklung Suite—more than anyone else in the world— and they continue to provide lots of suggestions to Oracle as well as keeping appraised of new developments. ” Copyright © 2008, Oracle. All privileges reserved. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Company and/or their affiliates. Different names might be trademarks of their respective owners. Published February 2008 Oracle Customer Example Oracle School Reviews Infosys Curriculum Attempting to becomes feasible for the ES Academy to deliver Oracle courses inside based on the level of demand, or for some standard products.

For example , 85% of consultants that specialize in relatively ‘vanilla’ products such as Oracle9i Database happen to be trained under one building, with the leftover 15% commencing courses for Oracle College or university. “To make sure quality, we engaged Oracle University to review our curriculum content, elements, and questions for study course attendees, ” said Dr Rastogi. “They give us audio advice that ensures we all deliver the best suited internal training. ” These courses will not cover newer products, or products taken on through acquisition of businesses such as Hyperion or Demantra.

About 95% of consultants that focus on these fresh areas take those relevant training from Oracle University. Defeating the Tyranny of Range Infosys’ burgeoning growth within India and worldwide has established a geographically distributed organization that makes providing face-to-face training, a occasionally costly workout. “This features posed problems for us because people in India are not accustomed to alternatives such as e-learning, ” said Doctor Rastogi. “People prefer to come to a classroom. “In addition, the fire wall we apply across each of our systems stops Infosys workers from observing streaming audio and video. To create more flexibility pertaining to staff to reach the online training available through Oracle University, Infosys is establishing e-libraries in office buildings in Pune, Mangalore, and Hyderabad. These types of currently incorporate 20 Personal computers where personnel can gain access to streaming digital. This amount is likely to grow to 100–150 by simply late 2008 across various locations in India. Personnel working in The european union and the U. S. are already benefiting from buffering audio and video. The of on the web courses through Oracle University or college means personnel will be able to carry out training with no disrupting all their client operate.

The benefits of e-learning apply to personnel outside India as well. “Our certification system applies to employees regardless of Copyright © 2008, Oracle. Every rights appropriated. Oracle is known as a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and its affiliates. Other titles may be trademarks of their individual owners. Published February 08 Oracle Client Case Study region, ” explained Dr Rastogi. “We possess 25 to 30 personnel who specialize in Oracle E-Business Suite who also work in The european union or the U. S. ” Helping Driven Employees to Get Ahead A certification from Oracle University can provide driven employees with an edge inside the competitive Infosys culture. Since it’s another certification, it gives you good branding for a worker, ” said Dr Rastogi. “They turn into of increased value to Infosys and also to our customers. ” Infosys Technologies Limited (NASDAQ: INFY) defines, models, and provides ITenabled business solutions. Pertaining to the financial year ended March thirty-one, 2007, Infosys recorded profits of more than US$3 billion with net income of over US$850 million. Copyright © 08, Oracle. Most rights appropriated. Oracle is known as a registered brand of Oracle Corporation and its affiliates. Other labels may be trademarks of their particular owners. Printed February 2008

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