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Seriously assess the way the organisation offers employed elektronische geschäftsabwicklung technologies to do its key business techniques and boost service levels for its customers To begin with, the web e-business type of Virgin Atlantic Airways is actually a business to consumer since the Virgin Atlantic Airways sells plane tickets directly to buyers without passing intermediaries. Virgin Atlantic Breathing passages implements the e business technologies to perform its crucial business techniques and boost service amounts for its clients by bettering reservation online, provide most convenient companies, flight data, route, expense saving, even more flight and news bring up to date and promo.

Reservation Online System To start with, Virgin Ocean Airways (2012) stated the fact that reservation online enhance reservation system and increase revenue.

This is because it really is convenient for passengers to check on dates and flight. Zero matters where passenger live, they can hold online and generate a payment directly to Virgin Atlantic Airways through credit cards. Secondly booking online provide all level of services. Therefore passengers can select the in order to suit their need. Virgin mobile Atlantic Air passage provide services such as economy class, premium economy school as well as prestige.

Convenient. B2C or Business direct to customer is fairly convenient and efficient with airline organization (Kotler, 2008). This reduces the need of promote agents because intermediary. Resulting from this, Virgin Atlantic Airways can sell planes ticket at a lower price. Furthermore, e-business technology may increase foreign passengers through Virgin Atlantic Airways reservation system. This is because foreign individuals can check the route, trip data and costs to match up against other air travel. However , in the event they find Virgin Ocean Airways go well with their need more, they will book directly with Virgin Ocean Airways.

Flight Data E-business technologies help to make a airline flight data more accurate and fast due to, the device is operated by computer. To show this, in the event one passenger book the airplane ticket the device will show the seats availability left and if one transform his or her mind by cancellation the system will certainly responds very quick. Route Elektronische geschäftsabwicklung technologies can perform the key business processes and improve service levels for passengers by simply showing the flight course and provide alternative route to get passengers to pick.

Therefore , travellers have differs option to find the most convenient course and cost effective route. For any long air travel, sometime individuals can pick an economical flight employing the air travel that copy at various other airport or require lovers stop. This enhance customers base and flight booking system. Even more Flight Virgin Atlantic Airways (2012) mentioned that on-line system can enhance more flight. Due to the fact if any kind of flight or perhaps route is usually popular because of high demand or season factors. The system is going to suggests to possibility to increase more air travel.

Therefore , Virgin Atlantic Air passage revenue and profit can rise because Virgin Ocean can provide more require. Cost Saving Cost keeping is among major essential success of Virgin Atlantic Airways (Kotler, 2008). The e business online system can help you the cost successfully as there is less requirement of sell real estate agents and intermediary. Also, the e-business system can manage ticket price successfully as well. This is because if the fuel price and tax value change, the device will adjust the selling price of airplane ticket quickly.

E “business system the industry computer system need less écuries working. Therefore , the system can save hiring expense. News upgrade and Promo. Virgin Ocean website reveals all media and promo update. This can be a fast method to speak directly to travellers and it is speedy because the firm can only update quickly. This benefits both people and the Virgin mobile Atlantic company due to people can assess the breathing passages promotion to airways or perhaps decide to purchase the promotion that suit their need instantly.

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