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Historical background:

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The country of spain was united after the Moorish occupation (711-1400s). However , it also left Spain as a social powerhouse in Europe which has been still largely medieval in 15th hundred years. Spanish philosophers and scholars exerted strong affect and their craftsmen were recognized across The european countries.

Ferdinand and Isabella usa Spain through 1492 expelled the Moors entirely make up the country. These were determined to Christianize Spain and instituted the Inquisition to hunt down and punish heretics/in conjunction with the Moors tey expelled all the Jews from the region.

Impact on from the Moors and Catholics happen to be evident in the The spanish language drama: Moorish heritage in the attitude to women and reverance; Catholic influence-religious faith and doctrine-God and church.

Spain was the dominant world electricity for almost two centuries-1492 growth and job of many gets in America, Africa parts of Europe-Portugal, Sicily, Netherlands. This gave the nation a sense of stability, self confidence, energy-also apparent in your theater.

Faith based drama-auto sacramentale- were seriously popular and performed regularly possibly after they came into existence obsolete inside the rest of European countries.

Professional troupes were organized with this purpose-best freelance writers were chosen to write all of them. They were created on buggies (carros) roughly 16 feet long and 36 ft tall-thus having two amounts.

Eventually that they used 4 carros like a permanent stage-actors were reharsing for a long time and were delivering for the town council ahead of the performance could get approved for the public. Motor vehicles were performed for 200 years until the decline in mid 1700s

By the end with the 16th century-several dramatic geners appeared

Comedia-3 act video clips or not series.

Gabardine and Sword-about lowly guys and Cuerpo (Noise) regarding kings and mythological character types, saints-actions in remote areas.

Lope para Vega


One of the most famous and prolific playwrights-a nobleman, soldier, businessman, mate and finally a priest. This individual wrote over 1600 takes on some-450 have survived. Often compared to Shakespeare, he did not have the interesting depth and regarding human nature-he preferred to finish plays with happy endings-looking at the great side.

Pedro Calderon entre ma Barca


Had written about two hundred plays which a 75 survived. He wrote “Cape and Sword comedies-love triangles that are happily resolved. He also composed serious performs about envy and exclusive chance. Most notoriously he composed a number of autos-his were the most famous and the form declined following his death.



A philosophical allegory regarding the human scenario and the mystery of your life. It is a tragi-comedy-has elements of the two. All major characters suspended between different duties-promises and objectives of what is to be completed.

Clotaldo provides a duty to kill anyone that sees Segismundo but can also not get rid of his individual daughter”as his duty is always to protect her. Sgismundo eliminates his helpers the rebels as he provides a duty for the kingdom. Just as a classical comedy everyone gets married at the end but the couples happen to be strange or unexpected-Segismundo unites Estrella instead of Rosaura-she marries Astolfo when he has messed up her prize.


Dreams to movie theater as theater to life

Dreams to life because life to afterlife

Basilio is rebuked in the enjoy as he seeking a out his fate-only Goodness knows your fate.

Women were allowed on stage from the end of the 16th hundred years. Cross-dressing was forbidden so Rosaura shows up as a half-monster-half-male, half woman clothing.


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