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I’ve been in Australia for about 2 months now and I’m nonetheless speechless. Really such a wonderful country! The land, the individuals, the weather, everything is definitely amazing! We’ve gotten to go through the most remarkable/wonderful things, things I under no circumstances could have imagined. As you know My spouse and i went right here as a great exchange college student and Now i’m living with a great host friends and family in Brisbane. They have been extremely welcoming and loving, the student exchange agency made these kinds of a good meet.

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Brisbane is situated in the east of Down under, in the point out called Queensland. I’m attending the Brisbane State High school graduation where Now i’m taking every one of the mandatory classes like English language, math’s, research, social studies, art, health insurance and physical education and so on.

I have gotten to continue my France education as well, but everybody in that category is way better than myself! Luckily they are all so nice very sufferer with me, which goes for all of the classes! I had developed a hard time comprehending the Australian highlight at first, but it gets much easier and easier every day.

My sponsor family educated me some Aussie-slang to help me out a bit, just like “hoo roo which means goodbye, “ripper means something like amazing or wonderful, “sheila can be described as girl and “dunny is actually a toilet.

Anything that’s very confusing is “thongs. It does not imply what you believe it means! It can another expression for flip-flops, which can create quite an cumbersome situation. Luckily I handled not to kill myself! Anyways, like I said is there mandatory classes just like there is in Laxa, sweden. Australia has a national subjects to make sure that they have the same educational standards in schools nationwide, which resembles our “Skolverket. You asked a lot regarding the schools more than here in the last page, so I have asked my new good friends in my classes and found out some basic details. Like, some thing that’s comparable to Swedish schools is that you’re in kindergarten or pre-school when you’re 3-5 years old.

In Australia you go to Primary School between your ages six to 11, unlike Sweden where we all go to “LÃ¥gstadiet and “Mellanstadiet when we are going to 6 to 12. One full year doesn’t generate that big of a big difference, but Supplementary School (High School) resembles both “Högstadiet and “Gymnasiet together. Therefore from what I understand, weight loss choose a specific program like in Sweden, you could choose a lot of classes you wish to take (other than the obligatory ones) in High School. When you graduate from Supplementary School you are able to apply for a School, just like in Sweden. Essentially there are a lot of commonalities toAustralian and Swedish colleges, but I discovered out that you have many dissimilarities as well.

University uniforms for example , we have zero rules about dress code in Laxa, sweden, but more than here it’s a part of existence, at least for the scholars who attend High School. Nearly every school provides a special uniform that every scholar has to wear, even I must wear one when I go to school. Possibly in fitness center class we all wear corresponding shorts and shirts. I do believe those clothes are better because they’re unisex, plus the rest of the day the girls wear skirts as the boys have on pants. I am just not very comfy in skirt and dresses so I think that if you want to wear pants you have to be able to! It’s kind of nice not having to select an attire every early morning, you only have one main thing to wear and everybody else wears it too. Discover not any pressure about getting the latest trend or not really changing it up every day.

The single thing you have to worry about is awful hair-days! I can admit i wish there were to wear those inside Sweden because well¦ They are not only a gift coming from heaven pertaining to the morning-tired person, they earn you feel a lot more fancy and formal also. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that comfortable getting formal on a regular basis and I’d probably get sick of putting it on every day, but I like the concept a lot right now. I hardly ever think it could work, launching this to Sweden though. Everyone would lose all their right to go to town through their very own clothes. If we would have to use school outfits, I strongly vote for pants for girls! Most students deliver their own lunch break to school. There is a cafeteria, however you have to pay pertaining to everything there. That is some thing I miss about Laxa, sweden, even though really not superb food all of the time it’s nonetheless really convenient.

I’m having a hard time remembering to bring my lunch every day¦ Which enables me actually angry with myself since both of my own host parents make great food, specifically sandwiches. I actually promise you, they’re amazing! Public educational institutions here are free of charge and work by the govt of state or area they’re in, just like in Sweden. Parents are asked shell out a voluntary contribution payment and they also can contribute to camping trips and extracurricular actions, but is actually all voluntary. Something that as well differs via Sweden is the fact that that they have 5 semesters. The college year starts in early February and ends in December.

They have short holiday seasons between every semester and their summer vacation is in Dec and January, during Holiday! I know really really strange, but that’s when the Australian summer is usually! I had no idea that the seasons were sooff over right here, but I do think it’s seriously amazing the way the world performs. Apparently every countries to the south of the collar have their summer during each of our winter, and the winter during our summer season! A few weeks ago I obtained to be a part of the Australians party of ANZAC Day. ANZAC stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

This day is definitely special to Australians due to what happened about this date 1915. The Initially World Warfare had just started and Down under wanted to make a reputation for themselves to the rest of the world, since they’d only been a nation intended for 13 years. They joined forces with New Zealand and set out to take control in the Dardanelles (a narrow strait in northwestern Turkey) in order that their allies could traverse. When ANZAC landed in Gallipoli in Turkey we were holding met by Turkish protecting forces. A lot of Australian soldiers shed their lives and today the Australians take this day to keep in mind not only these people and their braveness, but every single soldier who has died in any war or perhaps military operation Australia’s recently been a part of.

Each year the remembrance begins with memorial services in big cities all over the country, they’re known as the “Dawn Services. Later in the day there are parades in which ex-militaries march along. Aussies also celebrate this day removed from work and school with drinking and games! They likewise have the Quotes Day, their very own National Working day. I’m not here for that because it’s celebrated in January 26th, but I really wish My spouse and i were! They celebrate everything that’s very good about the and staying Australian, this might sound like a lot of fun! My own host friends and family tells me you can see the Australian flag suspending from house windows of autos and properties and that the entire neighborhood has the aroma of barbeque.

Usually there are fireworks and music as well! It’s more upbeat than the ANZAC Day. We have no anything similar to this in Sweden, which I think is a bit miserable. What I mean is usually, we avoid really have every day where we all remember some thing or celebrate just staying Swedish. I believe like we you do not have that sort of love to get our country that the Australians do. At least I am aware I may. I just enjoy our National Working day because I don’t have to go to school. I actually honestly don’t even understand why we all celebrate that, and if Specialists my friends I’m certain they would the same thing. It will be nice to feel that unity and satisfaction that the Australians have.

We’ve been in battles, I’m unsure how various or what type, but all of us don’t are proud of them. We don’t have any warfare heroes we all remember. During World Warfare 1, Sweden was simple. We don’t officially choose a side; all of us dideverything we’re able to to not obtain attacked by anyone. We let Australia use each of our railways to transport iron-stone, which will kept us from getting active in the conflict (even although that produced us an element of Germany’s success). I think we are going to right to never take virtually any pride in that¦ A thing that also will be fun to see here “Down Under can be Christmas. As their summertime is during December the climate is in its awesome during Holiday. My friends informed me that although it’s sun-drenched and warm everyone nonetheless decorates with snowmen and Christmas lamps! Most people have a Christmas woods too.

Here in Brisbane that they apparently include a competition each year for who has the best Holiday lights. I would love to find all of the extremely decorated houses! We should take a step like that in the home, we should engage more! Relatively our counties spend Holiday alike, however, many prospects are still very different. In Sweden, all of us open presents, eat delightful food and get a go to from Santa on Holiday Eve. In Australia they just make the last preparations on Christmas Eve, because is actually all about Xmas Day. Children hope to locate presents in stockings or perhaps under the forest when they arise, families visit their relatives and everyone (most people anyway) spend the evening with their family.

Some households eat meal that’s comparable to Europe’s Holiday food, but most Australians barbeque and have a have a picnic on the seashore or inside the park. Around the beach you can observe surfing Father christmas Clauses as well. It sounds really laid back and comfy, so I would love to be able to knowledge it (even though is actually no genuine Christmas devoid of snow! ). It’s hard to think of Swedish traditions when you don’t generally acknowledge them, but most traditions feature the holidays. The majority our getaways have religious significance, like Easter and Christmas for example , but these holidays are not really about what that they originally indicate in history (if you’re Christian). Easter is somewhat more about dressing up as a witch and bumping on entry doors collecting sweets, than remembering Jesus’s crucifixion. Christmas is focused on Donald Duck and starting presents, we all don’t commemorate Jesus being born.

This is the case nationwide too, aside from the werewolves and Jesse Duck. In Australia they celebrate Easter by organizing Easter egg tracks (mostly when it comes to making the youngsters happy), and you’ve probably been aware of the ‘Easter Bunny’? Very well, over here they’ve traded it to get an ‘Easter Bibly’. A bibly can be described as small animal, who’s an endangered species and they’re wishing this kind of ad is going to support saveit.

Besides, rabbits are believed pests nationwide as they damage crops and also other things. As you can tell there are a lot of the two similarities and differences between Sweden and Australia, but they are both great counties! Regrettably I only have a month still left of my own studies, yet I i am thinking about living here for 12 months or so while i graduate. I use fallen deeply in love with this land¦ Enough about me, how have you been? Is everything as usual at home? Hope to help you soon

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