A summary of the tv screen series the x files


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Scully and Mulder will be two F agents that had been sent to research murders that took place within a New South america town, up to date side of an Indian reservation. The murders were initial discovered when a lady, Annie Hatch, found two tourist’s bodies although she was ridding her horse. The bodies were laying up coming to a truck. When Annie went closer to the body, she could see that there was hundreds of flies on them. When ever she looked closer she could see that they had recently been skinned. The following day a youngster, Paulie was out side behind his families movie trailer with his little sister, Patty. It was darker, so darker that they cannot see in front of them. Suddenly they will both read footsteps via somewhere, chances are they heard whispering, the whispering became hissing. His flesh was tossed everywhere.

At this point the FBI was called into investigate. Before Mulder and Scully have got to New Mexico, they both equally went above the case and studied the autopsy studies that were provided for them. The autopsy record said that the bodies had been flayed. The photographs they were delivered along with the survey made both Scully and Mulder sick and tired to their stomachs. When they found its way to New South america Agent Garson was waiting to show all of them around and warn those to take it easy due to heat. Scully and Mulder interviewed Patty, but did not get any longer information on the truth then the actual already experienced from the report. She saw nothing since she experienced got struck in the face with a branch that knocked her out. After the interview, that they went to get some dinner, in which they met the doctor who have wrote the autopsy report. She informed them the report the girl wrote was wrong. The lady was advised to write the incorrect details as the sheriff did not want the press to obtain a hold of it, because New Mexico have been trying to up grade its picture for years. The true Truth was that the people have been scoured, just like being organized against a high-speed content spinning drum protected with rough sandpaper.

As they still left the cafe a man stared at these people across the highway, as mulder drove earlier him, this individual still stared. Mulder than made a U-turn then another, so that the car was pulled up subsequent to the man. He launched him self and told them he was Ciola. Mulder and Scully knew his name because the sheriff told these people before that Ciola can be described as likely believe for the crimes because he has murdered a man ahead of. Both Mulder and Scully felt odd by his presence, and Scully especially would not like the frightens on his encounter. Their up coming stop should be to talk to Donna Falkner, a craft owner for the Konochine Indians who individuals Nick Lanaya, an American indian who kept the reservation to go to school. He returned after this individual became well-informed. When they arrived she acquired suitcases crammed on her living room floor, getting ready for the trip. Donna told these people that the Konochine did not like outsiders, and if someone went into their booking, they would receive chased apart. She also informed them to investigate Ciola because he was possibly the killer. That interview got them zero where.

From her house both the FBI providers went to the police station to examine the vehicle that the 1st two people who had been killed went. A car that had been run off the street in a secret way was also there. Both cars had paint that was scratched off in a way that only sandpaper or perhaps something comparable could have performed. Scully identified an Indian-made bracelet, the type that Donna Falkner will sell. Mulder called Agent Garson and told him to receive Donna home, so she’d miss her flight.

Donna was very disappointed that they made her miss the flight. She stormed into her house throwing her hand bags against the wall structure. When your woman settled down she went into her kitchen and believed she read her hose pipe running outdoors. She went outside and located that the line was away. Behind her she noticed whispering in that case humming. Drag was tossed all over her house, because she droped to the earth.

Scully and Mulder had to do some thing before even more people acquired killed, and so they had Chip Lanaya, a member of the Konochine bring them for the reservation to question the Indians. After they got presently there they talked to one from the six priests. He said he recognized nothing about the murders. When they had been done chatting, Scully and Mulder sought out side of the home they were just in, when they stepped out side, they saw no person, not even the priest who was just to their rear. They the two noticed that even the kids who had been out there after they came were gone, it was silent. These were stuck out there in the heat. All of a sudden they heard the hissing. Then the whistling. They ran as fast as they could. Mulder saw the spinning impair of dirt behind him. They both saw Annie Hatchs home in the range, this started to be their destination. Scully was very close towards the whirlwind, that nicked her shoulder and a few seconds later got Mulder’s leg. As they came nearer to the house Chip Lanaya unique up to their rear in his pickup, not to preserve them, alternatively to push them away from the residence and in the whirlwind. Mulder saw the bond. Nick could control the place that the whirlwind gone. Mulder required out his gun and started taking pictures at the car. Scully screamed, hoping an individual in the house will hear all of them. An they did. Annie’s hubby came out with a try gun, that he used to shoot the truck with. Mulder happened to run for the truck, and when he reached it, he jumped in. Nick was dead. Mulder noticed the medication bag on his chest. He took the medicine bag and blew up with his firearm. The whirlwind stopped. Mulder stopped the truck and walked over to the house exactly where Annie served lemonade. Mulder and Scully decided that Nick was after electricity because he was rejected if he came back by collage. This individual thought that electrical power meant respect and used fear to get that power. The whirlwind was made when the 6 priests meditated in a group of friends. The power of the meditation became part of the wind flow when it obtained up. In the past when the power was made, it would move unguided eliminating a few family pets, but now when the whirlwind was performed, Nick discovered how to control were that went, and who that killed.

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