Adelphia scandal dissertation

Adelphia opened in 1952 by Ruben Rigas wonderful brother Gus Rigas in Coudersport, Pa with the getting their initial cable franchise for three hundred.

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After two decades, the Rigas brothers designed their company under the name Adelphia which produced its name from a Ancient greek word meaning brothers, a great apt corporate title for the business that would employ generations of the Rigas family.

Adelphia was a cable tv company and built its success on a strong commitment to customer care; and because of this dedication, a glorious expansion spree will follow.

Simply by 1998, Adelphia passed both million-customer motorola milestone phone and served approximately 5. 6 , 000, 000 cable television buyers nationwide.

The business made significant strides in product development as well as the implementation of fiber optic technology and expanded their home and organization offerings to feature digital cable connection, local and long range telephone services, messaging, improved data, excessive Internet and video services.

John Rigas managed Adelphia from its company headquarters in Coudersport, PA. His close friend Gus distributed his desire for Adelphia in 1983.

And after a little while, John’s daughters Michael, Timothy and Wayne, serve as professional vice presidents, directors and principal stockholders. John built Adelphia on a strong determination to friends and family, community, top quality service and customer care which became the core beliefs and lifestyle of the firm. The Advancement of Adelphia

In August of 1986, Adelphia Communications proceeded to go public. The first 36 months were dedicated to generating revenue simply by increasing its customer base through mergers and acquisitions. Even though the company’s profitability had endured as a result of the ambitious development, its revenue-generating capabilities hadn’t.

From the $30 million produced in product sales during its first yr, annual revenue shot up to $131 , 000, 000 in 1988. Adelphia continued to create its existence known by looking into making several crucial acquisitions of other cable systems such as the Suburban Zoysia grass System coming from Comax Telcom Corp., the South Dade System coming from Americable Co-workers, Ltd.

Fresh Castle System from Cablentertainment, Inc., and Jones Intercable which was the 3rd largest cable connection system agent in Nyc during that time.

Moreover, Adelphia entered into a partnership with unaffiliated functions to form Olympus Communications in southeast Sarasota which became a powerful money-making business as it served roughly 250, 1000 subscribers in West Palm Beach location.

Adelphia was performing very well and continuing to increase by making various other acquisitions and consolidation maneuvers through 99 and 2150, bringing it is subscriber foundation up to a remarkable 5. five million.

Although company was heavily indebted after the sequence of key purchases of other cable television companies, products, and infrastructures, analysts had been looking positively on Adelphia as later as January 2002, noting that the organization was very well positioned intended for acquisition or merger with another main cable organization. The Breakthrough discovery of the Scam

Oren Cohen, a high-yield-bond analyst intended for Merrill Lynch had followed Adelphia for the decade and thought there were something about the family’s spending that did not add up. However noticed that the Rigases were buying their particular stock strongly, but this individual couldn’t work out how they were spending money for it. They failed to appear to have cash themselves. John Rigas made $1. 4 , 000, 000 in 2000.

Michael, Bernard, and Wayne each had taken home $237, 000. The Rigases didn’t have any kind of sources of income outside the house Adelphia. They never sold their stock, and this didn’t shell out a dividend. Cohen was pretty sure their very own private cable systems weren’t throwing off cash. But every time Cohen tried to receive an explanation, Adelphia rebuffed him.

On Mar 27, 2002, however , Adelphia officials disclosed $2. 3 billion in previously unrecorded debt received through co-borrowings between Adelphia and other Rigas family choices under the umbrella of the family’s private trust, Highland Coopération.

Under these kinds of loan contracts, the Rigas entities had been responsible for paying back the debt, but since they were not able to do so, Adelphia would be accountable.

Cohen was astounded to see the footnote disclosure and pressed Tim Rigas for specifics at the end of any conference phone that time. Things in Coudersport quickly spun out of control as shareholders asked for clarity and visibility.

The revelations and the research that adopted sent the organization spiraling more deeply and more deeply into a scandal that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) eventually referred to as, “one of the extremely extensive financial frauds ever to take place in a public company. The stock continued to land and on May well 15, 2002 John Rigas resigned because chairman and CEO.


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