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Situations In The Life Of A Slave Girl, American Literature, Dark-colored Studies, Antebellum America

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The effect this had in many slaves was to cause them to become determined to get their liberty at all costs.

Family relationships, some thing most people ignore, were not regarded in the lives of slaves. Two of the narratives notice, “At end of trading of that yr I was acquired by a Thomas Stanton, and had to be separated from my significant other and 1 daughter, who had been about one-month-old” (Smith 13). “Could you have seen that mother adhering to her child, when they fixed the iron upon his wrists; could you have heard her heart-rending groans, and noticed her bloodshot eyes stroll wildly via face-to-face, vainly pleading to get mercy; can you have observed that scene as I found it, you would exclaim, Slavery is damnable! ” (Jacobs). Masters typically sold one or two members of the family, plus they were typically separated for life.

The groups of the enslavers in contrast, had been relatively steady. They often were close-knit, and some regarded their very own slaves as members of the family. They educated them and had been kind to them. Yet , the slaves’ lives could possibly be uprooted any kind of time moment, even though the enslavers’ lives were fairly stable and secure. Using slaves would not seem to think about upon most slave owners, and since they regarded slaves as real estate rather than human beings, their thoughts were not considered.

George Fitzhugh believes slaves are the “happiest” and cost-free men will be the real slaves; however , it really is clear examining these functions that is not the case. Venture Smith earned enough money to purchase land and leave a legacy to get his children. He publishes articles, “In these four years, what wood I cut at Li amounted to many thousand cords, and the money which I received thereby amounted to two hundred and eight pounds five shillings” (Smith 18). All of the narratives suggest how hard the slaves operate, and how short amount of time they had to get enjoyment or rest. They got some clothing 12 months, they had the worst food on the plantation, and they weren’t protected from their masters, rather, they were typically punished and beaten simply by them. These narratives graphically shows the horrors of slavery, as opposed to the “happiness” that George Fitzhugh seems to believe was the circumstance.

In conclusion, each one of these narratives is a crucial part of dark-colored American record. They demonstrate cruelty and horror of slavery, and how each copy writer made some thing of themselves when they obtained their liberty. By displaying the problems of captivity to the American people, they gained abolitionist support and sympathy, and painted a really graphic picture of how come slavery must be outlawed.


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