Atlantis resort bahamas ad in creating an

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Atlantis Resort Bahamas Advertisement

In creating an advertisement pertaining to the Atlantis Resort Bahamas, the most important factors to consider are the buyer characteristics, needs, wants and pain factors in their lives they look to resort go at least lessen or perhaps make entirely go away for a time. For the affluent, areas are most often went to to completely modify how they encounter time, several are constantly facing a serious time lack (Mann, 1993). The focus in the advertisement is on unifying the family by giving them freedom to use their period as they desire.

Using the Quantcast Research Service ( the demographics with the Atlantis site were received. The effects of this research are proven in Appendix A: Demographics of What the examination shows is usually that the majority of clients to Atlantis are prosperous, making over $150, 1000 a year typically, have children, are college or university educated with many having post-graduate degrees and therefore are in the 35 – forty-four age group. The demographics as well show that the mother or perhaps woman from the family is mainly the decision-maker in the holiday planning and buying process. This really is clear through the results from the Quantcast research. No one within a family is more stressed than a mother regarding time lack, as they often have to shuttle kids among appointments, keeping them continually focused on their very own homework too. A vacation to get a woman, mom and wife is a probability to detach and completely re-order the experience of time alone, and this is actually a major aim of well-off women who carry on vacations (Mann, 1993).

Based on this examination, it is crystal clear that women are definitely the primary decision makers in families and have a very strong influence where locations are chosen or perhaps not. The services marketing element of the advertisement must underscore serenity, time standing nonetheless, peace and the additional aspects of time that a typical mother would not have frequently in her daily life (Yucelt, Marcella, 1996). Combined with this kind of dynamic is definitely the need for the daddy and partner to have a probability to re-connect with his kids, who according to many students of affluent travelers, are more essential than the game of golf, tennis or any other athletics of the rich traveler (Mann, 1993). Time with their children is more essential than time on the the game of golf links for most affluent travelers. It is also obvious that just how hyper-connected households are with social media, text messaging and cell phones that the want exists to cut away from all these distractions

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