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I used to be raised as being a simple ladies and I rarely think of my own “caprechos” even though I’m miserable with so many things. Although I am just earning my money, I actually seldom think of my WISHES. That’s why I actually dont know how to react or feel with this kind of testimonies. But you know very well what I think? Some Filipinos who acts as in the event they’re filty rich have sufficient debts! They will show the fruits of their labor, oops! My mistake, it of their “utang” (debt) You can’t measure sucess with what you may have alone, yet how various lives you’ve touched.

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hmm, i do not think that a success story. personally, it really depends upon what attitude formed and not on the nationality.

Their sad to be aware of that in the event someone sees for example a filipino nurse behaving against the norm set in their place, they would take it against most or perhaps all of the philippine nurses and stereotype all of them.

every single basket provides a couple of spoiled apples nevertheless the sad thing is the holder is known for having 2 spoiled apples than having 98 good types. what identity like to examine in this twine are the real success stories that they can had in the end those negativities they’ve came across. there’s a lot of success stories about philippine nurses. nevertheless the recent post was best shown.. here’s one more story…. – my mom is known as a CNA in chicago and she’s employed in a nursing jobs home.

I am expecting to hear good principles coz filipinos are very very much known for great character. my friend was handling a 70 year. old man and my mom maked sure that the lady took care of that patient and gave this man a warm bath. she spoke to the sufferer and asked if this individual wants to take his supper.

My mom lift the bed side rails and checked out if the good enough to put the old guy in bed. the girl endorsed the individual to her co-cna’s and her nurse pal before taking her break.. job well done. but after 30 minutes during my mom’s break nurses working run to the man’s area and found the patient lying on the ground and shouting for support. my mom maked sure that just before her break bedside rails were lift up but the filipino nurse couldnt took care of the patient (my mom’s buddy and team for this shift) and in turn of doing the rounce that nurse and her sweetheart sleep…. …

The occurrence was reported to the genetics and both of the filipino nurse yelled that they couldnt want that to happen.. and refused to w/ my mom.. duh..!.. my mom is a good employee for 25 yrs. we dont find out waht took place to the so called TLC? can it be only for the green bucks? or tired of proved helpful?.. dont know… i was seriously sad to listen to that a lot of filipino nursing staff were that arrogant and incredibly iresponsible.


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