Black plum products

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Plum used like a fruit. Butvit’s all parts has a effect of and all are used for the eating purpose.. Black bonbon seed, fresh fruit, bark and leaves all are used.


It has tannins and carbs in large amount. It has astringent due to its useful compounds Friedelin, gallic chemical p, gallo tannin also so on, so it this used in the situation of fatigue.


Seeds contain glycosides which have been displayed as the anti diabetic properties. that delays the complication of diabetes and lowers blood glucose level in physique. ANTI inflammatory properties in its seed. Black plum seed has the chemical substance of galloyglucose, gallic chemical p and ellagic acid, corilagin which has been displayed that it lower serum BAD, blood urea, serum cholesterol.


It is widely used all over the world. It has great aroma and could be used for the diabetes, cough fatigue and infection. Fruit provides nutrients although also aid in disease avoidance e. g cancer, diarrhea, mouth blisters, achne, and intestinal infection resulting loose motion. Many people eat fruits of black plum pertaining to the treatment of this kind of disease. Plum fruit as well treat up against the asthma, joint inflammation and cancer of colon as a result of ascorbic acidity in higher amount it also contain individuals compounds which cleans muscle of cardiovascular and bloodstream and delay the difficulties of coronary heart disease.


Its leaves also intended for lower down the glycemic index in body. Production of Insulin in the blood also increased because of its extract of leaves.


Black plum can not be preserve to get long time frame because it has high water content and it is perishable fruit. After enjoying many plum SPOIL as a result of insuffient handling. So this break down can be avoid by plum convertion in to many process food. So it is used for the long time frame as the shape of method food.

The process plum products happen to be following:

  • Jam
  • Jellies
  • Fruit nectar
  • Squashes
  • Vinegar
  • Wine and process drink


Plum squashes is manufactured when the good quality of bonbon is meshed up to five to 5 minutes at the 150 F as well as the it is trapped in the cup bottles mainly because glass can be non reactive. After that drink is pressed from the nylon uppers particles and it is mixed with water, sodium and preservative (sodium benzoate and citric acid).


Plum while the moderate astringency and sweet and sour acid solution taste in case it is good quality of black bonbon. If the bonbon has excessive astringency so it will be soak in the salt water or saturate in sodium upto 1 hour so the astringency will probably be improved. Thus for the jam production it is procedure with the sour sauces sugar in the developing of jam.


Black plum likewise used for producing in jello. Due to its dark purple color attractive jelly is made. Jelly is made if the plum is cooked and then draining the juice but don’t contract it. Once which is taken out then which part remaining which is good source of pectin. But when white colored part does not appear therefore different solidifying agent and pectin also used in the jelly creation.


From the black plum white vinegar also produce. The fruit can be meshed after which distilled liquor is made and does fermentation. The vinegar and cider is made which is incredibly appealing due to its shiny purple color and client like the color due to its mild aroma and flavour. Black bonbon is the superb source of magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium, salt, manganese, chrome and straightener. But as a result of processing for the quickly pull, jellies, squashes and licor its nutrition loss thus sometimes enrichment also performed after digesting.


  • Firth weight all the dry elements flour, Moringa and dark-colored plum natural powder, yeast, salt, garlic dust, cumin dust and brown-sugar.
  • Then simply add chausser, milk and make a dough
  • At this point left intended for the fermentation up to 2 hours.
  • After fermentation help to make a bread stick effectively with correct length and diameter
  • Now bake this at 110C for 5 minutes.

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