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The Book solemnly promises that good triumphs over evil, faithfulness will be amply rewarded and justice will be meted out (BBC Crew, White).

Analysts have also located certain defects and points of contention. The troubling seven-headed Beast, which in turn rises from your sea and demands to be worshipped as God, is a symbol of Rome, the location of several hills (BBC Team 2001). The number 666 of the Beast has led to speculations and calculations, which assign, its worth to Fosco. But later 19th 100 years British archaeologists found manuscript fragments from the Book of Revelation, which in turn give the number of the Beast as 616. This amount points to the Emperor Caligula who built a figurine of him self in the temple of Jerusalem. This considerably offended the Jews of times. The image in the four horsemen of the Decimation was designed from the Hebrew prophet Zacariah. The crimson horse was Zacariah’s image for conflict and devastation, the dark horse to get famine, the pale horses for loss of life, but the white colored horse intended for vengeance and salvation. The phrase “Armageddon” was apparently drawn from al-Megiddo, that was a place inside the Jazreel Simple found in contemporary Israel. Most of John the Seer’s personal battles took place in this put in place the first century. He could have envisioned Megiddo since the suitable area for the ultimate battle among good and evil (BBC Team).

By these inconsistencies and the rival views on the reliability with the predictions made by the Publication of Revelations, many believe which it does not vaticinate the end of the world and what events will certainly occur toward this end (BBC Team). They instead believe that it is an indictment up against the ancient Roman Empire. His presentation was also suitable for that of additional religious performs of his time. It had been designed to rally first-century Christians against Rome and in faithfulness to Christ Who will come to save and reward all of them shortly (BBC Team).


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