Challenges facing women

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Increasing their economy in their home country, and in EAC. A number of challenges experienced by Tanzanian women will be as follows, (a) Lack of self-determination in business Self-determination is one of the significant aspects in determining person’s achievement in life. Ward while cited in Wehmeyer (2001) defines self-determination as the attitude and ability that lead visitors to define goals for themselves and also to take the initiative to achieve those desired goals. Wehmeyer (2003) add that self-determination enables individuals to be self-confident, make decisions, solve complications and can develop self-management, self-awareness, and self-efficacy. Most women including Tanzanian girls have low self-determination and for that reason, fail to attempt effectively organization activities, consequently there is no sustainability of their business in EAC countries (Stevenson Onge, 2005). (b) Ineffective participation of Tanzanian girls in EAC Economic actions.

The majority of economic actions conducted by Tanzanian ladies are small-scale trade depending on agricultural items like funds crops such as orange fruits, coffee, grains, tea, spices, and other products like blossoms. Also investments like Diary products like eggs, milk and natural honey and fish. Other products are like skins and clothes. Nevertheless , the conduct of these activities had been in a small scale and the most of the investments are practiced through an Relaxed Cross-Border Operate (ICBT). six (c) Utilization of Informal Mix Border Transact (ICBT) As according to Francis, Kabira, Njoroge Dan Juma (2009) ICBT was the major type of cross border trade throughout the East Africa countries. That is certainly, the authorized or unregistered business activities were conducted through ICBT within the EAC countries. The application of ICBT can be risky for women dealers as they might face extortion, physical harassment such as financial loss through robbery, intimate violence, these kinds of challenges tend to create dread and weaken women’s live hoods. Therefore, ineffective engagement of women particularly Tanzanian females in actions of Economic growth inside the East Photography equipment Community. Complexities of get across border transact rules and regulations (Gitonga, n. deb. ) (d) Limited information on business administration Majority of EAC traders including Tanzanian women traders have no enough information and knowledge on how to run organization due to lack of knowledge on laws and regulations, regulations and their rights (EAC, 2016, Schenkung F. At the. 2006).

As a result, the trade actions remain small and informal as a result of poor quality of goods hence do not compete in domestic and international market. In addition , a lot of women depend on real estate agents to transact business and clear merchandise on their behalf, as a result, the large charges encountered affect their business revenue (EAC, 2016). Also, the majority of women dealers have no enough knowledge on paying taxation statements. Hence, organization records are generally not entered in national accounts, and the deals are not legally recognized. Language barriers (e) Inadequate support from authorities Tanzanian authorities as additional EAC countries has trade policy, whereby empowerment of ladies by arranging training on economic development is was adamant (reference). Yet , 7 Tanzanian government does not have strategies set to support the implementation with the policy. This may affect the overall performance of Tanzanian women in economic growth of EAC and failure to sustainability of their business. (f) Limited capital and economic capacity A lot of women lack land, for gardening production, and (g) Home-based responsibilities Majority of the women are responsible in taking care of their own families. This makes a lot of women including Tanzanian women to interact trade activities which make all of them not to become far from their loved ones instead of crossing the edges of EAC countries (Mbithi, ¦.. ). (g) Poor infrastructures which leads to expense of shipping goods across borders ((h) Lack of usage of currency exchange features.

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