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Borderline Individuality Disorder in Oz

Dorothy, the heroine of The Sorcerer of Oz is frequently viewed as an innocent sufferer manipulated by those about her. Nevertheless , that perspective ignores the particular real role that Dorothy played in bringing about the negative events in the video. From enabling her puppy, Toto, to perform free and bite a neighbor, to running faraway from her cousin and dad when they let her know that she’ll have to surrender Toto as he has bitten an individual, she partcipates in behavior that is both irresponsible and impulsive. Impulsive tendencies and reasonless behavior are merely two of the character traits of borderline personality disorder that Dorothy appears to have, getting into problem whether she actually is an appropriate heroine.

Some of the most common symptoms of termes conseillés personality disorder include: intense emotions and mood swings; damaging, impulsive behaviors; relationship problems; low self-worth; a anxiety about being left behind; aggressive behavior; sense empty inside; self-harm; and a loss in one’s feeling of fact (WebMd, 2011). Dorothy shows most of individuals symptoms. Dorothy has strong feelings and emotions, hoping to be free from her life in Kansas in a mournful music that is suggestive of despression symptoms. When faced with her neighbour about a dog fight, rather than being contrite and apologetic, she is hostile towards the girl, even appearing to jeopardize physical violence, and unwilling for taking responsibility intended for failing effectively supervise her pet. She’s prevented via acting violent by her aunt and uncle. She also engages in energetic behaviors. Your woman runs away from home and to a carnival, wherever she programs to run away with an older guy whom this wounderful woman has not previously met ahead of, something that is incredibly dangerous. Additionally, while Dorothy’s youth may well explain a number of her reasonless and energetic behavior, she’s a young adult at the time of film production company, not a child. This puts Dorothy vulnerable to violence, which usually she actually experiences throughout the movie. This would come as hardly surprising, given that adults with borderline personality disorder are at a heightened risk of violence when compared to the basic population (NIMH, 2013)l

Furthermore, people with termes conseillés personality disorder are in a unique placement among people that have mental illnesses. They often are aware of destructive habit, but feel as if they are struggling to change that behavior (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2012). Dorothy seems to realize that the Incredible Witch of the

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