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Philip Martenson may be the founder from the Peak Prosperity. In 2014, he released a video online on distinct topics that led him to make his strategic decision on The Crash Course. The video attracts my interest that there is difficulty in the country’s financial and economic market. Martenson wants to help people to organize them so that is to arrive. “Massive transform is upon us, inch is a affirmation that Martenson makes understand at the very beginning of the demonstration. I fully agree with this kind of statement. There always are change occurring in the world. Once i was born inside the 1990’s, the things people do then include completely transformed in today’s period. How we changes in his views is by three E’s, that are economy, energy, and environment. With the initial “E” is a lens we look through the complete Crash Course appear. The economy is definitely something that everybody now will depend on it to work properly. Whenever we have a functioning economy, we can satisfy whatever difficulties that come. The next “E’ is energy which will Martenson talks about it together with the over-dependent of energy. The final “E” is the environment, which comes up on how it truly is being demolished because contemporary society is overusing the resources through the environment. I will discuss as being a future CEO what info and thoughts and opinions that has been resolved in this video that will help firms achieve their very own successes.

Exponential Development is a percentage that extends over time. For example of exponential growth, Martenson uses the example of an eyedropper. He discusses the prediction of how long it may need to complete the Fenway Park, that is certainly water-tight, with an eyedropper as an individual handcuffed the very best bleacher chairs in the stadium. How long does it take for someone to escape through the handcuffs? After which ask how lengthy will it have for it to fill up to ninety-three and how many can realize that you may have only a small time to avoid at that point. The primary key that Martenson wishes everyone to consider from is the fact everything starts to get extreme when the last few moments happen to be left to take action. If you wait until it is ninety-three percent moves then leaves you are pressured for this as fast as you can before you are out of time. As Martenson mentions, he lastly discusses the dramatical growth which our economic system generated for vast expansion. Also, may be the economic system does not expand after some time it will eventually fall and are unsuccessful. Now we could still facing having a hard time with the growth of our economy. When I become a future CEO, I want everybody to know which the economic system contains a restriction as well as the economic system progress rate will probably be restricted until we redesign the system. In the event some of you may not know the term economic system, in the book economic expansion is a measure of the difference in the number of foods and companies produced by a nation’s economic system. No one can forecast the future of what will happen next with growth prices. That is why the example about the Fenway Park was given. My business needs to know to take activities immediately before they are raced with no period left. Idea is a confident development mainly because everyone has to learn to act before they may be rushed in the last minute.

Next, Martenson points out is wealth. He breaks wealth down into 3 layered varieties. At the top of the pyramid there is certainly tertiary prosperity, then in the centre, there is secondary wealth, then at the incredibly bottom in the primary prosperity. I do not believe persons should be rated on riches. Wealth should be seen as everything you have total. I do not really think that wealth should be based upon the land. I understand where he comes with that money is actually a claim, nonetheless it is prosperity as well. Funds, stocks, and so forth play a substantial role in the current society. Later on as a CEO, I will not really focus all my time in the wealth while using land. I have to make sure my personal company is up and working by having and making additional money. I want my company to be finically prosperity and finically stable.

The question is how money is made? This point will certainly talk about money creation, and it will go into depth about how cash is created in Martenson research. From the online video of him talking about funds creation blows my mind. The Federal Reserve hold a large responsibility in creating funds and not over doing it. I agree with Martenson that we need to pay attention to the Federal Hold to make sure they may be not overstepping the extraordinary powers. When I was in CEO position, I have to make sure my personal company is not the reason behind the United States to get in debt for just creating funds. If I at any time decide to remove a loan, I would like to make sure that I am able to pay this on time. Because the next stage is money and debt express, is just like money creation. As my company must not ever get into more debts that the company probably can easily cover. Like a CEO it really is my task to make sure to get more money so that we can conquer our debt situation were already in.

While the last thing, I would really like to discuss the expansion vs . wealth point. This topic is not talked about enough among everyone in the world. Most people usually do not care whatsoever or have certainly not be recommended on growth vs . success. People are using American’s useful resource in the most wasteful methods as possible. Observing people waste materials is hard to watch. Spending is such a bad point that may be happening across the world. When I be a company’s CEO, I will have to decide if I would like it for being green. I have to be able to demonstrate clients with the company that we do not waste materials. I will give them my strategic position. In the strategic organizing book on-page 65, ideal position is usually where it creates value pertaining to the firm while staying mindful of the cost. If I choose to go green inside the company, it can be costly, nevertheless I also have to consider which i want my own company to symbolize that they are not wasteful.

Those were just a few points that help pull with each other the three “E”s that I pointed out at first. With a few of the subject areas I arranged with Bob Martenson, and then there were several I found challenging to accept. His points was out to me by making me personally think as though I was a CEO of your company to make sure I brought in positive advancement. I will talk about the adverse developments which i have mentioned so that my own employees will assist me ensure that we carry out address any negative advancements in the company.

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