Classic knitwear example essay

The merchandise is being launched under the brand name of Mom or dad apparel and it has decided not to include the name Classic Knitwear. Classic knitwear label should be mentioned along with Protector label inside the product. As the all of the cost of advertising/marketing is being paid for by Traditional Knitwear, it may probably make a line extension to avoid dilemma with its othernon-fashion knitwear portion offerings.

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The amount of SKUs contain 4 styles in 4 different shades. The number of SKUs can be lowered by using only the 3 the majority of popular colours in 2 most well-liked styles.

In this way the SKUs can be lowered to 6 devices and this will ensure that the company can pay attention to the colours and styles many in demand instead of spread the resources slender by starting many SKUs.

The market studies not considerable, only multitude of respondents had been sent needs. This should not be trusted entirely to make such important decisions. More respondents needs to be interviewed prior to coming to a conclusion.

Initial distribution is designed through main sporting goods and apparel chains which might support the establishment of the trademark in the introductory phase. However , the sale by discount retailers and sports activities & retail outlets simultaneously is inappropriate- the prices must not vary extensively across all stores. This agreement forced Traditional to meet number of steadily growing annual net sales goals for the first four years and target intended for 4th season must be attained in every single subsequent 12 months. If it did not meet the requirements then the license would be terminated and gap. Only the Protector logo will be used on the item. It may be a headache to get Classic if you have any issue between firms over their agreement down the road. With this agreement a quick term profit can be realised as the determined promoting investment continues to be reduced to $3 million from first expectation of $8-10 mil. As the brand value of Guardian increases by the promotion they have to also keep some component to marketing charge. Moreover, the clause regarding termination of agreement ought to be removed/relaxed as it can lead to an investment loss about part of Typical.


The Company is able to cater to the demand of insect repellent clothes which can be much higher compared to the break even revenue required for firm. So , the business can gain profit margins which are much higher compared to the current levels. Also, company can break into the Market and the Retail market through this project. Economic Viability and the other suggestions mentionedabove, generate it eye-catching for the company to go in advance with Mom or dad Project.


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