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Also, the area in New England did not allow for great fields of crops, just like Virginia was blessed with. Small facilities were the rule of the day in Fresh England.

Another very different element of life for New England was that they had an improved relationship while using Indians compared to the Chesapeake settlers did. The Pokanokets possibly signed a treaty with the Pilgrims, “and during the colony’s first difficult years the Pokanokets supplied the English language with important foodstuffs” (31).

Further, if the Massachusetts Bay Company (MBC) was established in 1629, Congregationalist merchants “boldly decided to transfer the head office of the MBC [from England] to Fresh England” (31). This allowed the settlers to handle their particular affairs, “secular and spiritual, as they pleased. ” This dynamic was very different from the forced ties the Virginians had together with the English overhead.

Still another main difference (from Chesapeake) inside the development of the modern England groupe was the technique for distributing area, which was much more in the public genre: “Unlike Virginia and Maryland, wherever individual people sought headrights for themselves and the servants, in Massachusetts groups of families… utilized together towards the General Court docket for funds of land on which to ascertain towns” (33). Hence, the settlements in New Great britain “initially tended to be more compact than those in Chesapeake, ” as the centers of towns “grew up quickly. “

As well, “in comparison to Chesapeake migrants, Puritans commonly relocated to America in family groups” (35); also, New Englanders – “unlike the citizens of Chesapeake” – “constructed sturdy, long term dwellings, intended to last for several years. ” As well, the New Englanders used fertilizer rather than eradicating new areas each year since the Virginian colonists maintained to do. Plus the Chesapeake population featured “families that were couple of in amount, small in size, and transitory” – in comparison with Fresh England family members were “large, and long-lived” (35).

Concerning life expectancy, in Chesapeake, father and mother “normally passed away before their children married” since “adult man migrants lost about a decade from their English language life expectancy of fifty to 5 decades, ” even though the colonists in New Great britain “gained about ten years” (35).

By the way, a “little known part of life inside the early Chesapeake” (which sets this nest apart from Fresh England) was that “making liquor was could work. inches And, in line with the Virginia Mag of History and Biography (Meacham, 2002), the Chesapeake settlers “adapted to the new world by making use of alcoholic beverage like a lens. “


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