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Research from Term Paper:

The survey even contains a financial glossary, which establish the significance of some financial terms, just like “Current ratio” or “Return on value. ” The irony is that you have to be a scholar in order to understand that the “Total debt to capital ratio” actually represents “long-term personal debt plus records payable and current maturities of long term debt divided by long term debt, records payable and current maturities of long-term debt, fraction interest and total common shareholders’ fairness. “

6. Use positive words that convey good manners

The financial situation of International Paper hasn’t been quite pretty in the year 2003, so the writers of the statement chose to present a more dark image, maybe with the intention to find the readers (mainly investors) to think that there was nothing that could be done about it. The first paragraph covering up this issue is fairly eloquent: “The business environment for International Paper in 2003 was difficult. With regard to paper and packaging items declined by 2002. Common prices were lower than in 2002… Total industry portion operating profits were down from 2002 as benefits from cost decrease initiatives, and improved working performance and a more favorable product blend, were much more than offset simply by higher strength and organic material costs and affordable prices. ” Anything at all could be said about this section, except that this conveys a positive attitude. Regarding gender related aspects, the report features few situations where this issue is recognized as.

7. Use a conversational design

IP’s company report doesn’t use for sure everyday dialect. After all, informal language in that document could mean that the company is not actually interested what its investors think about it or its supervision. Obviously, a situation like this does not please virtually any manger. Therefore , it is not a surprise that the phrases used in the report appear quite “official. ” In fact, the company’s economical status-quo is usually bad enough itself. Angry shareholders are some thing to be avoided, especially as a result of use of colloquial language.

almost 8. Keep content relatively short

There are sentences which are shorter and phrases which are for a longer time. However , Worldwide Paper as well as the writers of its twelve-monthly report will not seem to be extremely concerned with this challenge. Some keyword phrases are quite monotonous and it requires several secs to read all of them from the beginning to the end. This is the sample of such a phrase: “We protect multiple million massive areas of one of a kind and environmentally important home on organization forestlands through conservation easements and property sales to environmental teams, and have a long-standing policy of using no real wood from endangered forests. inch No doubt there are better techniques to express this kind of thought, such as: “We safeguard endangered forests. ” The hundred internet pages of the record must have been filled with anything, though.

on the lookout for. Prefer the active to the passive voice

The active words is recommended most of the time. The report abounds in buildings like “we will continue, ” “we’ve made progress” or “we’ll become. inches Still, there are a few occasions on which the passive voice is used, such as “Much will be predicted of Foreign Paper’s market leaders – via strategic going to customer value management to developing and engaging our people. ” The topic is lacking, thereby avoiding hurting anyone’s ego.

15. Develop effective paragraphs

Sentences almost never exceed 10 lines and are well structured. Using this point-of-view, browsing International Paper’s company survey is quite easy and any particular issue one particular might search for is easy to find. The composition of the entire text is really well conceived.

11, 12. Develop coherence Revise and edit

?nternet site have stated earlier, the record has a extremely good standard structure. Consequently , coherence is easily achieved. For revisions and editing, the report was probably browse and revised by a number of people, and the editing coverage show plenty of interest intended for the readers’ opinion.


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Smeltzer L., Leonard

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