Confucianism legalism and daoism comparison essay

Confucianism, Legalism, and Daoism will be the three primary philosophies of the Chinese persons. They have been one of the most influential and widely taught philosophies from the Chinese for several centuries. This essay will certainly reveal the of each philosophy’s origin, and will reveal the primary characteristics of each and every respected location. Confucianism began as the thoughts and ideas of the man named Confucius who also lived in around 500 B. C. It is interesting to note it was around the same time Buddha was allegedly alive.

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Confucian was not a prophet, together little to say of gods, loss of life, or the remainder.

He created instead 3 concepts of living that formed the foundation of his philosophy. Initially, every person will need to accept an assigned role in society and execute the obligations of that role. Second, the us government should be virtuous. Finally, only well-educated and very virtuous representatives should be designated to run the federal government. According to legend, Confucius worked being a minister in his native province of Shandong.

May be that within a less than a season, almost all offense was eliminated. However , after that it is said local emperors became jealous and forced him to retire.

For the rest of his years he well-informed people for the ways of his teaching and stirred believed into the heads of many. Daoism was regarded as founded with a man named Laozi that lived about 500 W. C. Daoism can be defined by the root phrase Dao that means “Way of Nature. Laozi viewed Dao as the indescribable force that governed the world and character. Laozi assumed that people probably should not strive for wealth or electricity, but rather should try to bring themselves into tranquility with Dao by being quietly quieted, innovative, and modest.

Unlike Confucius, Laozi shunned politics and advised people not to get involved in public affairs. Daoism largely influenced music artists and cowboys because performers were urged by Dao and started expressing themselves in a better manner. Cowboys began to have confidence in the beliefs because it handled nature and its natural causes. Confucianism and Daoism merely filled in the actual other lacked in certain areas. Legalism, one other form of idea, also concerned itself with politics.

The teachings, nevertheless , differed considerably then those of Confucianism. Legalists believed in power, not advantage, and in harsh forms pf punishment. Legalists viewed people as self-centered and untrustworthy. It was assumed that harmful people was the only way to achieve peace and wealth in culture. The emperor Shi Huangdi of the Qin Dynasty followed the Legalist method. The Qin Dynasty became strong but was unsuccsefflull mainly because of its vicious punishment and laws. It absolutely was believed that the yin and yang has not been balanced enough during this time.

Overall, I think all of these philosophies are well developed and each has their own good and bad. That is why, many persons understandably mixed more than one from the three sagesse in an attempt to smooth out their life-style. All three are worthy sagesse and each deserves a certain amount of value. I believe that because of the great principles they are all built on, and the flexibility within each sector, three philosophies will live in for a very long time and will be passed on from generation to generation forever.


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