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Excerpt from Term Conventional paper:

Problem then becomes do these nurses become worried about the long hours that they may have to job and the quality of treatment that the patients are getting, or perhaps do that they sit back and remind the world that they realized this was going to happen, mainly because pay has traditionally recently been low intended for nurses that is why more folks are choosing additional fields of study while searching for career (Taft, 2001).

Probably many nurses will not choose either of such options. A large number of may choose to continue doing the job that they’ve been doing for years, intended for the spend that they have come to expect. Those that choose this option will likely be more concerned with care of the patient they will with the money that they can receive off their job, or how many hours they must put in for that paycheck. Their particular primary concern will always continue to be the patient (Taft, 2001).

Either way the problem is reviewed, however , it truly is still problems. Nurses can easily do so much with the period that they have, and a lack of these people in any clinic can cause problems for patients who need extra care. It can be clear that something must be done to help the nursing shortage in this nation, however , it truly is easier said than done. Raising the pay money for nurses is a wonderful idea, however, not every hospital has the account is or perhaps the ability to accomplish this. Therefore , these hospitals which have plenty of funds on hand would have plenty of healthcare professionals, while hospitals that typically have made less money would be short-staffed with underpaid people which in turn would not ensure that the hospital, the nurses, or perhaps the patients.

An additional suggestion for bringing more nurses in to the field is usually to show persons how rewarding and valuable a career in nursing may be. This is certainly a noble efforts; however , a large number of people might not have the luxury of working at a particular work simply because they have fun here. They must make enough money to support themselves, and many moments they must generate enough income to support a family group. Not all nursing staff are ladies, obviously, but are still a number in the breastfeeding field. Several of these women are single moms and must support themselves and their children on the meager salary that nursing gives. It is difficult to entice new comers into the discipline when they notice that, while their particular work may be extremely worthwhile, they will nonetheless struggle to set food on the table for their children (Tsai Chang, 2004).

The chance that the medical shortage is not going away is very actual. There have been medical shortage with the past, certainly. They happened back in the 60s and 1970s. That is not to state that the decades between then and now helped bring no shortage inside the nursing discipline. Small shortages have always been about, and some private hospitals have had a much more difficult time with this than others. This current nursing shortage, however , looks to be a little more severe and significant then this shortages in the past. It truly is being used more critically by hostipal wards and doctors, and hospital administrators about the country are searching for ways to attract more people into the medical profession. Until now nothing continues to be discovered that features dramatically brought up the amount of people applying to nursing jobs school (Peterson, 2001).


There is nonetheless hope for the future of nursing, nevertheless , because there are nonetheless people who enroll in nursing university no matter what the costs. There are still those who such a very good desire to support others that they will willingly have a job producing a low salary because the additional rewards they will receive are so great. The main hope for the continuing future of nursing lies in finding really these kinds of people. They are certainly out there, device changing global environment it appears quite likely more and more of those will be able to be found. If this is certainly the case this kind of bodes very well for those that will need healthcare companies in the future because there will be more nursing staff and better-experienced nurses that will be better prepared to take care of the patients that they are charged with protecting and searching out for. The global environment, consequently , is a very good thing for medical.


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