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Unlike the culture of my interviewee, African-American isn’t actually broken in subgroups. I had been born and raised in Buffalo, Ny, which is very close to the Canadian Border plus the “U. S. Peace Connect. ” I actually grew up speaking English, in fact it is the only vocabulary I speak.

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My faith is not really typical of all African-Americans, who also tend to become Baptist, Methodist, or Lutheran. I was raised as a Catholic and still practice that religion today. I am just not the sole African-American I understand who is Catholic, but is actually not common in my subculture.

Like my interviewee, I do think the mass media is generally performing a good job of representing African-Americans in the mass media. However , My spouse and i still observe instances when African-Americans seem to be pictured as being questionable and slovenly, which in my opinion makes almost all African-Americans appear to be the same way (association assimilation).

I think that all cultures have something which makes them unique from other civilizations. African-Americans rely on the sanctity of the family members, with assisting and keeping the unity from the family jointly. The family is very important, although so may be the extended family and the community.

Dark-colored history has become more prevalent in schools today and is getting incorporated into the cultural analyze curriculum.

I possess encountered bias, but sometimes it is subtle rather than really noticeable until you stop to think regarding it. When I first shifted here to Richmond, Virginia, I thought that prejudice would be very common, but which is not the case. Folks here have been completely very warm and have made me welcomed in my place of employment and my house of worship, which is mostly white.

A chose to interview one of my co-workers, who recently relocated from Un Paso, Texas to the Richmond, VA area. He is either Mexican-American/Hispanic good. I feel that our different cultures have not impacted the way we communicate. Actually I have been his trainer pertaining to the Call Center that we operate and he has been incredibly receptive towards the explanations of procedural operations and the critiquing of his calls. Probably the fact that the two of us come from community cultures features helped yet we appear to communicate well and go along well. Total it has exercised very well and my group has acquired a very valuable and ingenious employee.

We don’t think presumptions about cultural “norms” effect my patterns on a day-to-day basis, yet because of my religion I have always got experience in cross-cultural conditions. There are challenges to owned by a group but for the most part most of the people have not recently been discriminatory toward me. Merely encounter something that might be discriminatory, I make an effort to give the various other person the benefit of the hesitation because it generally seems to me that most people are hoping to get along.?nternet site work inside the larger culture I find a fair number of people interested in my culture in a positive method. It is very good to see non-African-Americans who discover our culture within a positive light. I think the best strength my own culture means is a safety net of love, support and encouragement. Our extended family is very close, and good friends from the community become almost a part of extended family. It makes a person feel very protected.

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