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Decision House Lords

The Decision by House of Lords in the Belmarsh Detainees Case

Your decision by the Home of Lords in the Belmarsh detainees case (A versus Secretary of State Home business office [2004] UKHL 56) displays the improved intensity of judicial review under the Human being Rights Action. Discuss the judicial reasoning in this case in the light with the above assertion.

The judgment of the Belmarsh detainees’ circumstance was seen as an major triumph for your rights movement. As, it involved 14 foreign terrorist suspects who were held in penitentiary without trial. The decision was that these individuals who had been held illicitly, illegitimately, criminally, dishonestly, improperly and should become released coming from prison (Tomkins, 2005). A short time after this, the us government changed all their policy of holding foreign suspects with out trial in prison to: placing them below house police arrest. This is important, because it is showing the complete shifts that have occurred in how a government can be dealing with this matter.

As a result, their policy with regards to terrorist potential foods changed after the events of September eleven, 2001. Reacting, the government was given more specialist in cases where the safety of the region was considered to be at risk. Belmarsh is the jail where many of these individuals were hosted without trial. At the time, various British protestors believed that Belmarsh was the UKs edition of Guantanamo Bay and the terror suspects imprisoned there are being cared for unjustly and unfairly. The ruling inside the decision was seen as getting in line with the Human Rights Work of 1998.

From the government’s perspective, the Human Rights Take action was viewed as something that prevents their ability to protect people from terrorism. As previous Home Secretary Dr . John Reid stated, “There is definitely a serious [terrorism] threat, and I am the first to admit the fact that means we now have of struggling with it are so inadequate that individuals are fighting with one arm tied up behind each of our backs. inch He additional adds that politics in cases such as the Belmarsh detainees’ condition stem by: the support of fidèle issues with the expense of national security (Travis, 2007).

Despite these kinds of opinions from the situation (from government officials such as: Reid), the all judges voted almost 8 to 1 that imprisoning the detainees was unlawful. Lord Bingham and more stated that although

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