Dementia awareness composition

The spanish student can:

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1 ) Explain precisely what is meant by term ‘dementia’

installment payments on your Describe the real key functions of the brain which can be affected by dementia

a few. Explain how come depression, delirium and age related memory disability may be wrong for dementia. Outcome 2 Understand essential features of the theoretical models of dementia The learner can easily:

1 . Summarize the medical model of dementia

installment payments on your Outline the social type of dementia

3. Clarify why dementia should be seen as a impairment.

Final result 3 Know the dimensions of the most common types of dementia and their causes

The student can:

1 . List the most typical causes of dementia 2 . Describe the likely signs and symptoms of the very common causes of dementia 3. Outline the danger factors for common causes of dementia 4. Identify frequency rates several types of dementia. Outcome 4 Appreciate factors associated with an individual’s connection with dementia The learner can:

1 . Describe how diverse individuals may well experience managing dementia according to age, sort of dementia, and level of potential and handicap 2 . Describe the impact the fact that attitudes and behaviours of others may include on an person with dementia.



To begin with what does dementia mean? Simply out for this sort of a complex region, it is an health issues of the brain. What is the between Alzheimer’s and dementia? The word dementia is a great umbrella term, which covers each of the various dementias including Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is definitely the one more popular, and makes up about 60 per cent, of all the dementias. Dementia is a term that is used to spell out a collection of symptoms including memory space loss, complications with reasoning and communication skills, and a decrease in a person’s skills and expertise in executing daily activities such as washing, dressing, cooking and caring for do it yourself.

Memory damage ” this is one of the first symptoms that people notice. The findings people record include ” noticing themselves forgetting issues that have happened earlier in the day, having confused about messages and who have people are, getting lost whilst out, repeating themselves, and showing not to end up being paying attention or perhaps following interactions.

Problems with communication ” A lot of people experience problems with expressing themselves, talking and understanding items. They receive confused about words and phrases and might utilize wrong words and phrases for common things and mix words up. Reading and understanding drafted text can become problematic. There are many of different types of dementia the most common getting Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Fronto eventual dementia and Dementia with Lewy body. Some people receive diagnosed while having combined dementia; this is when the business presentation shows anyone to have aspects of more than one form of dementia. Dementia is a progressive condition, which means the symptoms will gradually get worse. This progression will vary from person to person every person can experience dementia in a different way. Although the person will have some of the above symptoms, the amount to which that they affect a person will vary but not all people may have all of these symptoms.

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Areas of the brain affected by dementia are displayed in the plan below:


The eventual lobe from the brain if perhaps affected by dementia will mean the sufferer can ‘forget’ each day functions, and how to perform all of them, relatives titles and encounters, their ‘past’ life, and friends they may have known for years. Simple tasks that they used to perform effortlessly, become hard to perform, and so they have to ‘learn’ how to perform them again. Sufferers can forget discussions and guidelines, and need to be reminded on a regular basis, and offered ‘prompts’ to remind them the topic of conversation, or perhaps what they are expected be doing next by way of example. The frente lobe of the brain in the event that affected by dementia can mean which the sufferer is ‘unaware’ that their actions is undesirable, or not the ‘norm’.

The patient can become distressed very quickly, and suffer from depression. They may be unaware of apparent dangers, and not able to recognise precisely what is ‘acceptable’ or perhaps ‘unacceptable’ behaviors. They may possess violent outbursts, and exhibit ‘threatening’ behaviour to others. The parietal lobe of the mind if afflicted with dementia affects language skills. Which means that communication abilities could be decreased. The person may not be able to ‘find’ the appropriate words to use, can understand concerns asked of which. They may certainly not relate ‘words’ to the accurate ‘objects’ for instance if they will pick up a cup, nevertheless call it a ‘pot’.


Depression, memory problems, and delirium could possibly be mistaken to get dementia since its products often the onset symptoms of dementia, and therefore can be mistaken for the start of dementia in the older. Some symptoms of dementia act like symptoms of a lot of mental health issues. It is important that a comprehensive assessment is definitely carried out in the event service users start to display symptoms such as confusion, poor memory or apathy. These kinds of could be signals of dementia, but they could also be symptoms of despression symptoms, or other mental health conditions.


1 .

The medical model of dementia is of mental decline. This method makes it hard to focus on increasing a person’s talents and increasing their quality lifestyle. Putting physical problems and emotional states down to brain damage, the medical unit overlooks the social regarding people with dementia, and concentrates on the illness, rather than the person.

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The social type of dementia perceives the ‘person’ rather than the disease or disease. It places the focus in what a person ‘can do’, (positives), rather than focussing about what the person can no longer carry out (negatives). The social version looks at methods to improve the standard of living, and experience of dementia, and provide techniques for the dementia sufferer, to live a fulfilling and rewarding your life. The interpersonal model recognises and contains the individual’s social, recreational, spiritual requires, instead of just their medical or perhaps personal care needs.

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