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Excerpt from Analysis Paper:

Ebola Break out

The recent Ebola Outbreak in Africa, killing over nine 1000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Serranía Leone, offers clearly illustrated new weaknesses in the propagate of transmittable diseases. 10 people were cared for for the Ebola malware in the United States and the disease was shown to be highly mobile. The U. S. government provides responded to the crisis in many ways which includes training for U. S. medical center workers, a deployment of military and healthcare staff in West Africa, and money to analyze different remedies and vaccines to help prevent further breakouts. This analysis will provide a summary of the Ebola outbreak and the Public Administration response by the U. S. govt.

West Africa Ebola Outbreak

The 2014 Ebola outbreak was the greatest in history and affected and directly various West Africa countries and indirectly damaged the entire planet. Two imported cases, which includes one loss of life, and two locally obtained cases in healthcare employees were reported in the United States plus the Center to get Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Firm (WHO), as well as the U. T. Government had to coordinate their activities as a solution to the home preparations (CDC, 2015).

Number 1 – Affected Areas (CDC, 2015)

Since the disease is known to be highly cellular, the United States joined with its allies and set up a command center nearby the affected areas. On September. 16 Leader Barack Obama directed U. S. The african continent Command to ascertain a Joint Force Command word Headquarters in the Liberian capital of Monrovia to support U. S. military activities and help coordinate widened U. S. And worldwide relief work to deal with Ebola in West The african continent (DOD, 2014). The workers that have been deployed received the highest level of training plus the best protecting equipment offered.

US Home-based Ebola Response

The risks and hazards associated with Ebola were not contained to the African continent. There are at least 24 instances of Ebola that have been remedied in The european union and the Usa and many had been health and help workers whom contracted Ebola in Western world Africa and were transferred back to their home countries for treatment (The New york city Times, 2015). If the disease gets a foothold in any population it can be spread quickly and fresh outbreaks can occur.

One response from the U. S. federal government was to display people going back from Africa countries at the airport. About 7, seven hundred people returning from Ebola-afflicted countries had been screened for U. H. airports and were required to

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