Enron corporation and anderson case study essay

Inspecting the fall of two Giants

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The case results in the publishing of Sarbanes-Oxley Work of 2002 and relevant to the Investments and Exchange Commission. Likewise, it is related to SAS ciento tres:

Auditing, Top quality Control, and Independence Standards and Rules.

[1] What were the business enterprise risk Enron faced, and exactly how did all those risks boost the likelihood if perhaps material misstatements in Enron’s financial claims?

The business risks Enron encountered are as following:

¢Using complex business structure

¢extensive using special purpose organizations

¢using untraditional endeavors to expand business rapidly

¢limitations in GAAP

The sophisticated business model utilized in Enron lead overstate it is revenue whilst not disclose the actual value of debt.

Numbers of special goal entities prefer keep debts off the ebooks. The untraditional ventures incense the business growth rapidly and risky. Likewise, the limitation of GAAP makes it possible that management required advantages of sophisticated standards to hide the actual monetary substance. Most of these above increase the likelihood of material misstatements in Enron’s economical statements.

[2] (a) Precisely what are the responsibilities of a business board of directors? (b) Could the table of administrators at Enron”especially the examine committee”have avoided the fall of Enron? (c) If he or she have well-known about the hazards and apparent lack of self-reliance with Enron’s SPEs? What should they have done about it? The responsibilities of a company’s table of owners include: ¢Protect the shareholders’ assets and give a return in investment ¢Make important decisions that influence shareholders (dividends) ¢Decide on which executives to hire / open fire

The fall of Enron could have been prevented by the plank of company directors. The table should responsible for the company’s economical reports. Yet , they are failed to disclose the off books liabilities towards the public, which in turn ledthe Enron fall. In addition, the table and the review committee will not question any of the high risk ventures. They should have got known about the risks and apparent deficiency of independence with Enron’s SPEs. They should recognize that the danger transactions with SPE could have huge results on Enron. Meanwhile, they need to ask SPE to disclosure financials properly.

[4] Exactly what are the auditor independence issues surrounding the provision of external auditing services, inside auditing solutions, and administration consulting services for the same customer? Develop quarrels for why auditors needs to be allowed to carry out these solutions for the same consumer. Develop individual arguments to get why auditors should not be permitted to perform non-audit services for his or her audit clients. What is your watch, and why? Auditors ought not to be allowed to execute non-audit companies for their taxation clients, since auditors should be independence.

If an auditor provide management asking services intended for his audit client, he can just taxation what this individual have done, which, I think, is definitely meaningless. However, some people may agree that auditors should be allowed to conduct their solutions for the same customer. First, selecting one company to do all of these services conserve a great deal of cash. Second, the auditors will much more familiar with the client’s business as well as industry, which make their work efficient.

[6] Enron and Andersen experienced severe implications because of their perceived lack of sincerity and ruined reputations. Actually some people consider the fall of Enron occurred due to a form of “run on the bank. Some argue that Andersen experienced a similar “run on the bank as many top clients quickly dropped the firm inside the wake of Enron’s fall. Is the “run on the bank analogy valid for both firms? So why or perhaps you should? Yes, I believe the “run on the bank analogy valid for equally firms. The fraud of Enron’s financial records leads a collapse of investor, customer, and trading partner assurance.

Its stocks and shares experience a pointy slump. At the same time, Standard & Poor’s re-classify Enron’s stocks as rubbish bonds, producing almost every stockholder feel dangerous. The price drops to $0. 26 every share in couple of days. Even worse, debts slots begin to contact the financial loans because of the decreased stock cost, which business lead the fall of Enron directly. Andersen experiences a similar situation. The damaged reputation of Andersen resultsin losing various top clients and partnerships oversea.

[9] What has been done, and what more will you believe must be done to restore the general public trust in the auditing profession and in the nation’s financial revealing system? The Sarbanes-Oxley Action of 2002 is a good approach to restore the population trust in the auditing profession and economic report. The Act essential top managing to certify the accuracy of financial information individually, and increase the freedom of outside auditors. As the most extreme act of all time ever, I believe SOX will help restore the public trust.


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