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What do you do for the Earth? An environmental hero is usually someone who should take good care of his environment and makes a fantastic impression to get the benefit of it is generation and the generations to come. Heroism comes from someone who is ordinary, but actually does anything more than somebody who is capable. It is a deed that may be selfless that seeks to involve themselves with others’ problems. Any person could actually be a great environmental leading man as long as they may have the desire to discover how to align their very own goals in order to help protect and prevent even more damages to the environment caused by mankind, in spite of the circumstances.

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Moreover, an environmental hero is definitely someone who is out of his or her way to fight for precisely what is right, regardless of the odds are. These are the ones who continue to empower others by simply advocating the problems faced, supporting people around them to be aware of their concerns.

Von Hernandez, current director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia and recipient of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in the year 2003, was known for his achievements in combating environmentally friendly problems from the Philippines.

He have been active in fighting pertaining to environmental legal rights since 1995 when he started working with Greenpeace International since coordinator to get the environmental group’s toxics campaign in Asia. In the same year, Hernandez launched a marketing campaign which unveiled plans to build waste incinerators to deal with the garbage problem from the rapidly growing urban centers in Community Manila.

Through this campaign, the economic loopholes aside from the environmental and health hazards from the process of incineration were exposed. Because of this deal with against the losing of waste materials, in 1999, Hernandez helped produce history as the Philippines became the first region in the world to ban waste materials incineration across the country. He is accountable for the Israel Clean Air Action of 1999 which is banning waste incinerators that causes pollution and man health problems. Furthermore, he is also responsible for Waste materials Management Act which requires the rendering of segregating garbage effectively nationwide.

Waste disposal is a strong problem in the Korea especially in Local area Manila. EcoWaste cited in the National Solid Waste Administration Commission that out of the thirty-five, 000 a great deal of waste the Philippines generates each day; almost 8, 400 loads come from Community Manila, accounting for one-fourth of the country’s daily outcome of stable waste. Currently, only 9 have a good waste managing plan out with the 17 towns in Metro Manila and only about a third of the eco-friendly wastes from the nine cities are becoming recycled in to compost due to space constraints.

The carrying on and growing problem regarding waste in Metro Manila led to the government’s make an attempt to adopt the incineration method in 1995, but luckily, Hernandez along with his allies in the environmental movement made efforts to stop the program. Hernandez and company disseminated to the regional communities the hazardous effects that waste incinerators provides, which include the greatest source of hormone-disrupting dioxins, one of the toxic chemicals seen to science.

In addition , the burning of squander also brings ash contained with heavy metals, including lead, curare and cadmium that could dirty groundwater for generations. Research also present that these chemical compounds are associated with human health issues such as birth abnormalities, cancer, respiratory system ailments and reproductive dysfunction among people whom live around incineration plants. In support to this, a current report shows that dioxins in the breasts milk of Filipino ladies who resides around and operate the Payatas dumpsite being extremely high as compared to the regular limit arranged by the Community Health Corporation (WHO).

In the fight against incineration, Hernandez helped the situation to be brought into the national electoral a significant 1998. This individual helped in organizing mass protests, spoken in hearings, arranged several lectures and a countrywide public education campaign in the media to increase awareness of people regarding the devastating health effects of waste incineration also to bring to mild other proven alternatives to burning squander. Hernandez received widespread support for the campaign, such as support in the Catholic House of worship. Due to his ceaseless workings, he was regularly attacked in the press by incineration industry lobbyists and government officials who recognized incineration to be able to protect their very own interests.

Nevertheless , despite the disorders and the huge support of international banks like the Hard anodized cookware Development traditional bank, the World Traditional bank and the Japanese people Bank intended for International Co-operation to continue to market incineration jobs in the Israel, Hernandez continues to be standing nonetheless because of his love to get the environment. Apart from his battle to ban incineration, this individual also prospects in promoting spending green alternatives to spend incineration including composting and recycling. Hernandez is also involved in various environmental initiatives and coalitions both at the nationwide and international levels such as the Global Anti-Incineration Alliance (GAIA), Waste Certainly not Asia, Lakbay Kalikasan, the Ecowaste Parti, the Sagip Pasig Activity, and the People’s Task Push for Facets Clean-up.

Vonseiten Hernandez is definitely, indeed, a hero that individuals should look up to. He changed the perspective of society in order to live in greener atmosphere. Due to him, laws were applied that should promote a healthier place for people. By simply speaking his mind, he saved 1000s of lives through the exposure of harmful chemicals. Even though this individual has received risks from the other parties, he continues to perform what he thinks is right. He is worried for concerns usually unnoticed by the general public. Truly, his strong personality deserves being applauded and recognized as an auto dvd unit for the green revolutionary time.


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