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ESL Lesson Strategy

Culturally Intuitive English Teaching for Norwegian Students

To get the Norwegian student improving proficiency in english, linguistic competence is a great achievable goal, but the learning process is usually fraught with cultural and conceptual stress. Therefore , it incumbent upon the instructor to approach learners with persistence, clarity and a sensitivity to cultural differences as they inform the usage of language. Likewise, it is necessary to select reading and learning elements that are designed to assist in a greater knowledge of sentence structure, language and diction as they are contextualized by the goal culture. Therefore , the greater the emphasis on browsing and improvisational simulation because supplementary to one another, the more probable that the Norwegian student will end up a more successful English communicator. The overarching goal in the instructor is to help nonnative speakers to draw equivalency in which means between terms and tips originating from two different ‘languages’. The use of Teresa Breslin’s 1994 children’s text message, Whispers inside the Graveyard, is employed here to share with a recommended lesson strategy in which linguistic and ethnical skills are channeled through a combination of examining and unscripted role-playing.

This denotes which a key element with the development of British speaking, compositional or complete skills pertaining to Norwegian students follows initially from the L-97 curricular structure and consequently from the LK-06 framework, denoting that linguistic skills need to be developed in concordance with an intercultural awareness of the target language. Consequently, Lund (2008) observes that “intercultural abilities are associated with situations of intercultural encounters, and language skills can, of course , be considered a central factor here. In order to handle such incurs, we also have to be able to translate the new symbolism that are being communicated to all of us and to relate this new input to the understandings we currently have. ” (p. 3)

This kind of underscores the advantages of lesson plans which will actively participate both the linguistic and the ethnic realities of the target language. In this instance, with lesson plans dedicated to the Breslin text, cultural conditions within the narrative needs to be mined to get a lesson prepare. Whispers inside the Graveyard is contextualized by a grade college in the U. K. Designs of lovato, alcoholism, learning disability, formal education, grieving the loss of family and friends and personal redemption help travel the story and also provide us having a basis for the improvement of intercultural expertise.

These themes are discovered in a way specific to the English-speaking circumstance of the text message and therefore give some fodder for the construction of in-class improvisational simulations. By sending your line members of the class in several problem-solving cases created by initial textual content, it is possible to help students to explore these topics while together applying growing linguistic abilities. For instance, it may be useful to simulate the classroom setting where protagonist Solomon experiences mistreatment at the hands of his peers

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