Ethical system and its approval in the composition

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Ethical Program and Its Reason

In the definition of an honest system, you will find both the honest theories and ethical guidelines. These provide the viewpoints where an ethical analysis is conducted Schwartz, 2003.

They offer guidance in regards to what path to take to arrive at the last decision James, 2000.

To me, good is defined as that action which is moral in characteristics and which in turn complies together with the standards from the society at large.

There are several actions that I consider to be very good. One example is helping an additional student modify for an exam. Second of all, there is the actions of helping an seniors woman get across the street. Addititionally there is the action of motivating and motivating people in their daily lives. Another actions that I consider to be good is that of permitting certain people such as the older or a pregnant woman lower the line where you stand in a food store. Other activities that I consider to be great include telling the truth at all times and taking responsibility for one’s actions. The common feature in these actions is that they display that the person has respect for others. They show that the person cares enough for the other associates of world and they are ready to do proper by all of them.

These actions are good since they conform to the four ethical guidelines. The first is the principle of beneficence. This is where a person aims at undertaking what is good at all times. The goal in this is performing what is right Thong Yap, 1998.

The act of helping students or the aged woman is a great example.

The second ethical principle is that of least harm. This kind of principle is a lot similar to the principle of beneficence. It is in which the person must do the least damage possible and harm must be done to the fewest number of people Thong Yap, 1998.

It can also be argued that people will be more charged while using responsibility to do no trouble for people than to do that to the benefit of other folks Morris, Schindehutte, Walton, Allen, 2002.

One other example is daily life wherever when we are jogging in the street, we could more likely to simply walk past each other although causing simply no harm to each other rather than to benefit the individual we are strolling past.

The third principle is respect to get autonomy. That’s where an moral theory will need to allow people to reign above themselves and also to have the capability to help make the right decision applicable towards the situation in front of you Thong Yap, 1998.

This is how we acknowledge people because they are and we esteem them regardless of what their decision is.

The fourth ethical rule is that of justice whereby moral theories will need to prescribe activities which are fair to all. Because of this ethical decisions should be based on the ethical theory unless for justifiable reasons Wide lace Yap, 1998.

For example , a policeman can be allowed to acceleration if they are planning to rush to a scene of crime.

The ethical program so defined above great because of many reasons. Because described previously mentioned, the common characteristic in these activities is nurturing and value. These actions and the honest system explained conform to two ethical ideas.

The first is the deontological theory of an honest system. This kind of theory claims that when doing an examination of an moral dilemma, persons should follow their obligations and commitments. It basically means that the correctness of the action itself is evaluated on if it

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