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Family Crucible

In the book The Family Crucible, family experienced therapist Carl Whitaker and Gus Napier (1978) team up to aid a family with dangerous levels of discontent and animosity toward one another. At the center of the rift are the teenagers daughter Claudia and the mother Carolyn. On the periphery would be the 6-year-old girl Laura, an 11-year-old boy Don, plus the father David. On the area, it is Claudia’s behavior conditions that are blamed by the two parents intended for the family’s woes. Yet , during the first meeting with the entire family present, it quickly becomes obvious that complications with the marriage can be to blame. This kind of essay will examine the parenting aspect uncovered by simply Whitaker and Napier during their family therapy sessions, like the parenting variations used and attachment matrix that exist inside the Brice friends and family.

The Brice Parenting Designs

On the surface area, the father seems to have an respected parenting style because he requirements that Claudia be respectful to her mother. However , his primary concern about Claudia’s behavior seems to be that the lady gets along better with her mother. He does not appear to intrude into Claudia’s life for the degree the mother truly does, nor set authoritarian behavioral guidelines. This individual seems to really care about Claudia’s suffering, but may be charitable at times simply to avoid conflict with both Claudia or perhaps Don.

The mother comes off while having an authoritarian parenting style regarding Claudia. This parenting design is certainly not apparent with respect to the other two children, Laura and Don, and thus may have developed recently in response to the growing marital challenges. The mother appears to be somewhat detached by her various other two children as well, although equally Don and Laura seem secure inside the knowledge that they may be integral for the family structure. Overall, Carolyn is probably a good, dutiful, qualified parent, but remains psychologically detached at some level from her children’s lives. The authoritarian, and thus distressing, side of Carolyn is usually therefore most likely the product of your disintegrating marriage and the formation of a family triangle between father, mom, and Claudia.

Attachment Position

Based on the behaviour of Laura and Add, both look relatively secure in their interactions with their father and mother. Laura is content to sit quietly and draw or play aiguilles while the emotionally volatile remedy sessions take place. When Claudia became actually upset throughout the second period, Laura at first seeks the safety of her mother before one of the therapists intervenes. At that point Laura is cozy providing convenience to her sis Claudia. This kind of suggests that Laura believes she’s both deserving of love and the primary way to obtain love and security can be her mom. By comparison, Add is a fairly carefree character who looks relatively unconcerned about the ongoing family conflict, disturbance, fighting, turmoil. This suggests that Don is likewise comfortable about his place in the

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