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Consortiums and aide

Harvard is usually part of the first Ivy League sporting meeting, encompassing Yale, Princeton, Brown, the University or college of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Dartmouth. Harvard students are also able, with permission, for taking classes at MIT including Harvard graduate student institutions. Harvard offers intensive study in foreign countries options.

Intercollegiate athletics

Harvard has 41 Division I intercollegiate university sports teams for women and men, a lot more than any other Department I college in the country. Harvard is also a proud member of the Flowers League, which is a sporting meeting of some of the nation’s finest academic establishments (Athletics, 2009, Harvard College).

Community participation

Harvard posseses an extensive network of student-directed community service organizations: “Students direct above 120 distinct programs close to the Greater Boston area” (Community outreach, 2009, Harvard College). Student-lead teams include afterschool tutoring courses for the disadvantaged members of the community, health consciousness and substance abuse prevention programs, mentoring of young people, mature education applications, social justice and care programs, and Habitat to get Humanity. Pupils are very involved with student authorities, journalism, and other efforts that express their very own public spiritedness and dedication to provide others.

Requirements and answerability

As well as becoming an internationally popular institution, with national accreditation, Harvard is regionally accredited with the New England Association of Colleges and Schools (at a glance: Harvard College, 2009, College Board).

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