Forensic accounting in practice more than research

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This means having for the jury as well as the judge the role of various parties and how this written for illegal actions. It is at this moment when everyone can understand the full context of the case. (Singleton, 2010) (Golden, 2011)

Analyze the legal responsibility a forensic documentalist has although providing in order to a business.

The legal responsibility of any forensic documentalist is to determine when deceitful activities took place and report those to stakeholders. Furthermore, they be involved in creating different shields which are preventing this from happening. The combination of these kinds of factors, is illustrating how they are at the forefront of protecting the accuracy from the financial information provided by the firm as well as practices. (Singleton, 2010) (Golden, 2011)

Study two (2) cases where forensics accountants have presented vital data in a case. Summarize the cases and the importance of the forensic accountant’s role during each circumstance.

Two cases where forensic accountants possess provided crucial evidence are with Enron and the Bernard Madoff scams. In the case of Enron, no one knew who was liable or the part of different people. This was shocking as the organization had reported false information regarding their revenue and it was the 6th largest firm in America (based upon industry share). Forensic accountants enjoyed a role in determining where the fraud occurred and the perpetrators. This triggered the croyance of Ashton kutcher Lay, Claire Fastow and Jeff Skilling. (Fox, 2004)

As far as Bernard Madoff scandal is concerned, forensic accountants identified how the Ponzi scheme worked and what allowed it to continue intended for 18 years. This was following it was declared that this well known Wall Street financer and ex – CEO in the NASDAQ. Advised his kid a the way the family business was just a que incluye. Actuaries played out an important part in determining what enabled the system to continue intended for so long. At the same time, they have been a key component in helping the trustee to spot and pursue key assets. (Lewis, 2011)


Evidently, forensic accounting can assist businesses with excuse risks. This is due to it provides procedures for discovering and protecting against fraudulent activities. Moreover, it offers executives the equipment to deal with these threats if they are small. Later on, this helps organizations to increase production and shield their company image.


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