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Freak Present

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In “From Stage to Page: Franz Kafka, Djuna Barnes, and Modernism’s Nut Fictions, inch Blyn argues, “we will find direct links between Kafka’s and Barnes’s notoriously opaque fictions as well as the premier low culture form of their age, the freak show or perhaps display of human curiosities, ” (135). Moreover, the authors’ particular engagement while using trope of the freak demonstrate serves a definite political objective: to subvert modernist aesthetics and to incongruously predict the twisted disasters of fascism and Nazism. Written prior to the emergence of fascism and Nazism within the world stage, Kafka’s body of work and Barnes’s as well seem prescient in light of their mocking the carnevalesque. Central to Blyn’s argument is usually an understanding with the difference between the carnival as well as the freak display. The fanatic show was, for one, a side interest at a carnival and so deviant actually within the spectacle of the carnival. The nut show was compelling as it was harassing and fetishistic at the same time. The item of the fanatic show was exploited in a capitalist framework and objectified in ways which have clear implications for sexuality, race, and social electric power metaphors. Consequently , it is easy to see why authors could capitalize on the imagery with the grotesque and phantasmagoric as represented simply by freak shows.

Furthermore, Blyn claims “it is their particular engagement with such glasses that differentiates Kafka’s and Barnes’s operate so drastically from the face à garde groups each traveled within. ” (135). In so doing, these two writers represent one of the most visible and poignant connection between contemporary and postmodern sensibilities and aesthetics. The carnival and freak display collectively represent modernist aesthetics, and reveal also right after between that which was considered low-brow and high art. By promoting the freak and nut show through the novel, that can be considered an increased art, Kafka and Barnes subvert prevalent modern aesthetic discourse. However Kafka and Barnes never have yet totally engaged the postmodern worldview either; their very own work is available on the precipice of it. Whereas “their contemporaries were interested in subjectivism plus the invisible, emotional depths of characters, ” though, Kafka and Barnes focus on “the surfaces of bodies because they are manufactured pertaining to display by dynamics of spectacle, inch (135). As such, Kafka and Barnes utilize the stage show to highlight the relationship between capitalism and exploitation. Through story, and especially throughout the elevated station of the book, the freak show can be redeemed. The underlying meaning is that every subjugated and fringe individuals are likewise redeemed through their taking again their own electric power.

As Blyn points out, the achievements of freak displays depended on the “effective fermage of the stereotypes of the audience, inch and viewers may have been titillated by

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