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Companionship is a wonderful issue to have, nonetheless it can be used to fool, for it is straightforward to manipulate with it, nevertheless only authentic friendship cannot be defeated, possibly after death. This idea could be the very point that murdered Julius Caesar. Friendship was what the conspirators used to hide Caesar through the truth. This kind of trust can be lost and be betrayal once they kill Caesar.

Although Caesar was murdered by simply Brutus and Cassius, camaraderie still was obviously a strong motif because it would falsify the conspirators causes. Caesar was open to friendship just as any person would be, but his a friendly relationship for the conspirators blinded him. Through that time, it had been too late to get him. When ever Decius came to Caesar’s home, he utilized his camaraderie towards him to gain his trust. The vital thing that Decius says if he walks in Caesars house is Caesar, all hail! Good morrow, worthy Caesar. (2. installment payments on your 58 59) This built Caesar confident with Decius, and trust him even more. The conspirators acquired already understood how and when they would kill Caesar, so all that were there to do now was to entice Caesar in.

They had an advantage with this because they knew that all they would have to do was prove to Caesar that they can had a good, strong a friendly relationship. This would support their program and leave Caesar entirely blind. So they chose to use their particular friendship with Caesar in a horribly manipulative way to be able to kill him. Decius was able to start this kind of off by simply tricking Caesar into see the senate house, besides the reality Calpurnia got dreams of Caesars murder the night before. Decius surely could explain to Caesar that, “This dream is amiss construed, it was a vision fair and fortunate” (2. installment payments on your 83 84). After he explains this, Caesar was very pleased and thanked him so much that he would not think twice about going straight to the capitol.

So the conspirators had in reality accomplished the first part of their plan to kill Caesar, and they had done that by misusing their a friendly relationship. Antony was angered by the death of Caesar because he was a accurate friend to Caesar, also because of this, he gets his revenge for the conspirators. After he mourned for Caesar, Antony explained to the conspirators, Friend am I with you all, and love you all. ” (3. 1 . 220), it was part of Antonys plan to get his revenge, by deceiving the conspirators. Antony uses these terms in order to shape Brutus.

The main point is the fact people should choose all their friends carefully, which is a great point, since for all persons know, their finest friend may be their most severe enemy.

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