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Excerpt from Annotated Bibliography:

Exactly where, many can be able to get and construct such elements that can be purchased on the black market. Therefore, this boosts the odds the particular types of weapons to be used in the future, to create a super terrorist attack. This can be significant, because it can be used to corroborate other research upon terrorists wanting to acquire and use WMDs. Where, they may be purchased for the black market or one of the state benefactors of terrorism could pass this material to groups. (Campbell, 1997, twenty four – 50)

Busch, D. (2008). Power, Preemption and WMDs. Dealing with Weapons of Mass Destruction. (pp. one hundred and fifty six – 175). Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press.

In this bit of literature, the writer discusses just how there are perplexing international specifications for dealing with WMD’s and how to control them. It is because approaching the situation has been challenging. Where, some nations make an effort to settle the problem through army or diplomatic channels. Instead, the author believes that an way that uses cooperation, financial issues plus the diplomacy will give you the best effects; in blocking the distributed of WMDs. This is significant because it implies that the pass on of WMDs can averted, by using a number of different approaches and adaptability. (Busch, 08, 156 – 175)

Taremi, K. (2005). Beyond the Axis of Evil. Reliability Dialogue. thirty-six (1), 93 – 108

In this article, the author discusses just how Iran has become trying to get WMDs since it was founded two decades ago. The main reason just for this program is usually to prevent countries (such since the U. S. ) from launching large scale invasions. As these anxieties were perpetuated by the Iran – War war through the 1980’s, with the leadership unwilling to be susceptible to invasions. This is significant, as it shows that various rogue declares will often study these programs out of any fear of intrusion. At which point, the chances for hostilities could boost because the own the varieties of weapons, can fool frontrunners into thinking the will not really be assaulted. (Taremi, 2006, 93 – 108)

Evidently, the growth of WMDs is inescapable; with many international locations (such as China) offering smaller land states the technology for their WMD programs. Over the course of period, this increases the chances of conflict or that these weapons may be passed onto terrorists. In order to avoid this by occurring, a technique must be considered where flexibility is used along with: economic, personal and armed forces objectives. Concurrently, the world community must work together to prevent the spread on this technology. This means that nations this kind of China, will have to stop spreading the technology to small countries. Until this scenario takes place, there is a incredibly realistic opportunity that the pass on of WMDs will continue until a tragedy arises.


Busch, N. (2008). Force, Preemption and WMDs. Combating Guns of Mass Destruction. (pp. 156 – 175) Athens, GA: College or university of Georgia Press.

Campbell, J. (1997). Weapons of Mass Damage and Terrorism. Terrorism and Political Physical violence 9 (2), 24 – 50.

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Krauthammer, Charles. (1991). The Unipolar Activity. Foreign Affairs 71 (1), 23 – 33


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