How can alton towers monitor customer support

Alton towers is usually an industry which offers products and services which have been similar to the competitors, they have to continually screen and butts their numbers of customer service, and improve areas so that they can go beyond customer targets. To have a higher level of customer support the company first has to identify the aims and objectives this might come in the form of a objective statement.

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Alton towers mission statement is definitely ‘we produce magic moments’ this appeals to people of all age ranges, and different groups of people, what individuals look for when they go to Alton towers.

Like a number of other businesses and services it is important to keep buyers happy irrespective weather they can be old or perhaps new, this will encourage them to review the fascination. People from different back grounds and ages

Selling price or affordability

Alton systems costs ï23. 00 for just one adult ticketed, so when you purchase the ticketed you expect to get affordability which is distinct for different persons, one persons value for money may be fun for the whole family (adults, children and teenagers) one other persons affordability might be to visit every ride in the theme park twice.

Thus Alton podiums needs to take in consideration that everyone’s value for money is different but cannot lower there rates to low due to competitive organisations and the annual funding needed to keep the park open, so what Alton towers have done is published off pamphlets informing people of the prices and opening times of the theme park, height constraints on rides seasonal moments (the season that the recreation area is most popular) online info and website from this guide people is able to see.

When to go to, what time to visit, how much they are going to spend and what rides that they can/can’t carry on and see if perhaps Alton towers offers less expensive for money than Drayton way park.

Consistency and reliability of the playground

If consumer receive a great amount of customer service while at the Alton systems and this carries on each time it encourages people to revisit over and over, Alton towers is forever trying to boost its regular of customer service and rides to make that more enjoyable for people, they are now looking to improve the ready lines to ensure that rides are much easier to access and the lines drop quicker.


Alton podiums have a very good accessibility because of the high numbers of people coming and departing from the playground. Alton podiums has increased generally there car parks to enable them to now deal with 50, 000 vehicles a day if the availability is poor then consumers will assume that it is like this all around the recreation area, there are also ramps to help people who have cannot walk up measures or are within a wheelchair, rides also allow wheel couch users gain access to the drive from the completely which are as well ramped to ensure that access much more easier.


If Alton towers can be unreliable in that case people are inspired to make an effort another theme park. But Alton towers is not hard to rely on this is what appeals to customers to go back, they keep right now there internet and brochures up dated and let buyers know what is going on throughout the park this is certainly reliable since if they will where sealed one day and so they didn’t advertise it many individuals would even now turn up with the theme park seeking to get in.


At Alton towers they employ the best staff that are trained to cope with the excessive expected degrees of customer service, personnel all in which a uniform this to ensure that that they remain expending recognized Alton towers as well employs more than 1500 members of staff and they are every divided to work over different areas of the park to aid with customers

In active periods elizabeth. g. in the summer Alton towers utilizes more ‘casual staff’ that may handle substantial amounts of buyers and that can manage them in an appropriate method

Health and basic safety

If the into the safety from the park can be poor the customers will not check out again but if the high criteria are visible then they will relish there visit a lot more, by Alton towers rides have got regular repair checks and are run each morning before the area opens to ensure there are simply no faults.

Sanitation and care

The cleanliness and cleanliness standards of Alton towers is essential if the park appears unclean thus giving a really negative first impression if the customer notice it, the park has been given hundreds of bins, in addition there are designated litter box pickers that patrol the park just about every 15 minutes, lavatories that are all around the park are monitored every 40 a few minutes to ensure they remain expending tidy.


The main goal at Alton towers should be to make our day (who visits the park) is usually to make can be as enjoyable as possible, they do this simply by trying to get lines and lines down as quick as is possible, offering people fast track system so the can skip the queues, more fast food restaurants are becoming introduced this will help to to the long queue’s that

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