Icebreaker speech dissertation

I. Launch Attention Getter: “Tennis is a best combination of chaotic action happening in an atmosphere of total tranquility, ” a famous quote simply by Billie Blue jean King. Qualifications: I have performed tennis competitively for over half a dozen years right now and have experienced many lessons from rugby pros via all over. Thesis Statement: Certainly, tennis have been my life and sport for many of my teenage lifestyle, but I possess learned much more. Preview of Main Points: Tennis has been more a sport to occupy my time; it has presented me inspiration because it is a lifelong sport, an amazing set of principles or perhaps morals to have by, and happiness together with the time of warring.

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Transition- I will clarify my initially point, motivation.

II. Human body Main point one- determination a. )Tennis is a wonderful sport that you can still play throughout your life. w. )Unlike sports or even hockey, with tennis you can always play increases well with your eighties for anyone who is healthy enough.

c. )I began playing tennis games because my friend introduced myself to the great sport, and played once a week with the old folks in town back in Texas, and they had been good! deb. )Playing the game that I take pleasure in for the rest of my entire life is a alleviation and a great joy; it has motivated myself to become the best that I are able to with warring. Transition- Now that I have told you the benefits of the lifelong sport, I will move onto the honn�te it provides. Main point two- morals and ethics

a. )Tennis is a self-disciplined video game with a code of values that each person should respect. b. )When playing generally in most tournaments, “” must call up their own lines to whether or not the ball was in or away. c. )This requires a significant amount of honesty and morals to give your opponent the main advantage of the uncertainty. d. )I have learned a great deal from rugby; it has helped me a better person and a huge impact on my your life. Transition- Now that you understand essential tennis can be and its principles, I must put just how entertaining it can be. Primary point three- happiness

a. )Tennis is a self-rewarding sport, although it does require a wide range of time and effort. m. )Repetition, duplication, repetition- is actually it really takes to become the best you can be. c. )This sport can be thus fun, particularly when you will be playing with some high-leveled people. d. )Undoubtedly, tennis is the time of my entire life and helped bring me much joy.

3. Conclusion a. )Thesis Affirmation: I have discussed three qualities that tennis games has created for me, motivation, a code of ethics, and happiness. Inspiration because it is a lifelong sport that I may continue during my life. It’s taught me morals and ethics mainly because it’s a gentleman’s sport with responsibility to provide your challenger the benefit of the doubt. And lastly, happiness by simply bringing me a great delight to play. b. )I hope that you have learned something about me personally today that you did not find out before. I am interested in tennis and everything that it presents to me. Is actually much more than just a sport.


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