Improvements that could be made to your computer

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1 improvement that might be made to the computer system is with the addition of either a electric power line adapter or a WI-FI USB dongle. The reason for this is because the user offers specified that they cannot connect the computer program to the internet utilizing a cable as it far away. You can purchase a power line adapter for 35 which is good. A power line adapter can raise the range when the WIFI may reach plus it can increase the internet acceleration. As the router is usually far from the pc system the ability line adapter will allow you connect to internet if there is a power select near the router and close to the computer system. As the user is going to be doing online video editing and I. T, he may need to down load resources from the internet therefore that is why I believe this can be an important improvement which should be made. One the other side of the coin as an individual doesn’t have very much money an inexpensive way to obtain the computer system to get in touch to WI-FI is by using a wireless WIFI USB dongle. You can find this for under 10 plus the WIFI acceleration is still good. Unlike the ability line joindre this is much less visible. How this performs is you plug the USB dongle in the computer and install the program which occurs a DVD. The drivers are then installed and after that you can get connected to the internet.

In addition to this an additional improvement which may be made to the machine is adding even more RAM. I would recommend the user to give a minimum of 2GB more MEMORY which will offer a total of 4GB MEMORY. By adding more RAM you will have an instant improvement in efficiency and everything will run a lot softer. The user will have the ability to open and run multiple applications and programs as well without having any kind of issues and having the computer software crashing. Additionally the manager has indicated that the customer is going to use the computer to edit movies and pictures. The majority of editing applications such as Paving material Premiere, Clayish Photoshop and Sony Vegas require a minimum of 4GB RAM to actually work. Furthermore, the person can also make use of a ReadyBoost Nand memory disk which will use the USB’s cache to increase the performance with the read hard disk drive. As the consumer doesn’t have enough money this is certainly an extremely cheap way to boost the performance of the computer system. Is actually basically an inexpensive alternative to increasing the RAM if you locate 4GB RAM isn’t enough.

Also the user can improve the computer by adding a more substantial hard drive. Currently the system contains a hard drive space of 150GB which is tiny. You can purchase a 500GB harddrive for around 40. As an individual is video editing and photo editing and enhancing, there will be many files that are big in proportions and 150GB simply defintely won’t be enough. if the computer system continued to be to have a harddrive size of 150GB, as it gets more full, the functionality will lower therefore creating a larger harddrive is better.

The user may also add a great SSD and replace it with hard drive. An SSD has many benefits including its quicker than happen to be hard drive. It is because there are no moving parts involved in the SOLID STATE DRIVE. As an individual will be moving a lot of files on the computer such as video tutorials and images which are significant in size, the SSD might be a better option. The user also offers the option of buying a caddy exterior hard drive enclosure and adding the hard drive in this and use it as being a backup therefore they may then utilize SSD since the main drive. This will in a way give the program more memory space to work with as there are 2 hard disks.

Other ways the user can easily improve the performance of the computer system is simply by changing the operating system to a Linux OPERATING-SYSTEM. Firstly, Apache is a free software the benefit to the user because they do not much money. Moving forward the operating system doesn’t ought to acquire more resources to run which can enhance the performance by a noticeable quantity. Linux is additionally open source which means the user recieve more freedom and may make more changes than they may with Home windows.

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