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Excerpt from Dissertation:

A threat to protection, that continues to grow ever since quick the twentieth century, is that of drugs and national and international criminal offense that is directly linked to that. The U. S. authorities is positively implementing procedures of struggling with illegal drug trafficking and use equally nationally and internationally. The cooperation from this matter among Mexico, the key gate to get illicit medications from Latina America and the U. T. is vital. The U. T. President permitted in 2007 the list of major illicit drug generating or trafficking countries that was to become submitted for the U. S. Congress in 2008. Among the list of major players in the field of dubious drugs had been: Afghanistan, the Bahamas, Republic of bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Laos, South america, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru. In the meantime, Europe received the menace of large illicit drugs entering the continent through Africa, and so the issue obtained in proportions and it absolutely was requiring end of trading cooperation of those countries that are happy to agree upon the fact that illicit medicines are the basis for a critical threat to security through their mass production of international crime.

As shown above, coming from a modern international politics stand, the major reliability threats happen to be resulting from traditional as well as coming from new options. Ethnic and regional clashes are rather old, just like the dubious drug producing and trafficking is nothing new. but , the global warming due to extreme urbanizing and stark industrialization, the harm of viruses like HIV, the ones that cause bird influenza or swine flu, together with with aged ones that were believed to had been eradicated, will be produced by all sorts of new sources.

Poverty, illiteracy and damaged governments would be the main triggers for intercontinental piracy, distributed of epidemics, high fatality rates plus the extinction of entire masse due to the lack of fresh water and starvation. Worldwide cooperation confronts new plus more complex difficulties that while not insurmountable, need immediate attention and actions. Although specific action is welcome for any reason, globalization made individual initiatives alone somewhat futile. These days, the future in preventing protection risks engraves the assistance between nations.

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