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Excerpt from Dissertation:

My spouse and i spoke with a woman named Frances, who had been born in 1929. Obviously, 1929 is known as a year soiled in American history because the period when the U. T. entered The truly great Depression. Frances always declared that her father and mother said your woman was the best blessing to come out of that 12 months. Frances is 88 years of age and she’s retired admin and school teacher. The girl was desperate to describe the large changes that she has found take place through American society. To begin with, Frances wanted to emphasize how becoming a child throughout the Great Depression had an enormous effect on her life. Her parents barely acquired enough to outlive and supply their children. This made her scrappy and she was eager to finish high school as soon as possible and have a full time job. Inside the 1940s, your woman said even more girls were considering university, but they had been still the minority. The expectation for young girls, Francis highlighted was that they can graduate secondary school (if they will came from very good families) and get married and commence having kids, being prepared to shell out the best many years of their lives raising these children. Her mother was very anticipating her to fulfill a nice young man, but it was her grandma, Frances discussed, that always emphasized to her that marriage and children weren’t what they were cracked up to be. The girl was very close to her grandma and listened to those words and phrases closely. This influence, along with growing up during the 1930s, made her particularly desperate to get a job and be self-sufficient. Her mother ultimately acquiesced, but not completely.

Frances explained that her whole life she desired to be a copy writer. Her mom forbade this, explaining which it just isnt a career choice for women, and that few girls writers in fact made funds doing it. Frances explained that she felt compelled to listen to her mom because, the girl didnt have any proof (or very much evidence) towards the contrary. Thus Frances set out looking for a job where the girl could by least use some of her writing abilities. She discovered a job as being a typist, which in turn she said was grueling and very demanding. However , the girl didnt mind it a great deal. It was her first job out of high school, and she loved taking the coach in to work and get hot soups for lunch break for just a nickel and being on her behalf own inside the city. Your woman later received a much larger paying work as a clerk and secretary for a famous writer. The girl didnt need to say whom the famous article writer was, and also very teary-eyed when I hard pressed to find out more information regarding him. This is her greatest position. Your woman worked to get him for more than two decades, until he died. The girl cited him as the most influential person in her existence. He motivated her to write, but he acknowledged that society was very tough and inappropriate to girl writers. Having been someone who moved her to write down because he thought that the girl was great at it and it offered her delight so why not.

Frances said the lady went to work for him in 1954: your woman was outdated 25. It absolutely was 1954. Just, she described, it was incredibly odd that she had not been married nor engaged neither pinned. She said during those times, employers could just ask you all about your personal lifestyle in work interviews, including questions regarding whether or not you were committed, planned on getting married, how many children you wished. Frances explained that the girl had been upon other job interviews wherever

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