Interview of the 18 year old elitekits gamer


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IGN: SethayRank: UltimateAge: 18Timezone: Far eastern Standard Time/EST

Do you have a microphone?: Certainly.

When did you join?: Ive been playing EliteKits for a time now Ive always changed my IGN because I was always fed up of having the same name, You can see within my NameMC thus thats for what reason noone seriously ever recalls me but I heard about this hardware back in just like 2014 possibly even my friends Qualified and Withat4 showed me the hardware and I seriously loved design for the Soup PvP Gamemode and since this is a great Soups server is why Ive been playing on here We dont bear in mind a time Elitekits Wasnt on my Server list, But the period I started actually playing more often was just like some time in 2016 I think [ Im terrible at keeping in mind at the moment ] and I would just hop on and basically chat a lot many the time I actually didnt actually really PvP it was only quite funny to connect to people in here and I met a few cool people on in this article and I would never regret becoming a member of this storage space its genuinely fun since when I first heard bout this machine I was playing servers like McDreamz and McCritz things like that and It absolutely was a pain to actually work your path up on these servers and when I utilized my /kit pvp and died I might basically sign off and that is why Elitekits was therefore cool to me because it was my initially Soup PvP Kitmap hardware and I would just dedicate hours playing on there since you didnt have to be employed by any items you just look for a kit and go deal with people and its not rage indusing by any means you perish its no big deal you dont reduce anything and also you werent fighting for a long time.

Are there any previous or contingency infractions?: Nope How very well can you screenshare?: So regarding screensharing, Honestly I have not yet been staff on a storage space in quite a long time really and Ill boost the comfort Im not too proficient at this but I would certainly try to learn. My spouse and i sort of know the dimensions of the basics although Im not going to lie and say Internet marketing a the almighty at it but I might love to understand how too, I am aware theres great screensharers About this server and I feel like, myself, not knowing very much about it is very my biggest flaw although Im sure I can study from the other experienced personnel and I am honestly slowly and gradually learning how to simply watching Screenshare videos is pretty informative and Ive looked at Tenebrous for a time so I learned some of that

Previous experience?: Ocean Prison/Sky Prison: This is a really, seriously old jail server I do believe I was personnel on throughout 2013, Heavens Prison is definitely their primary server at this point but in the past they had a Network with 2 Prison servers and one was Ocean jail I was quite young when I applied but It for some reason worked out, they will gave me the opportunity at staff and I was Moderator. I used to be a ansager for a couple months nevertheless I was demoted later on Once i was personnel I really isnt ready. Seriously when I would get critisized I would personally just not have the ability to handle this, I was quite anxious that whenever anything negative happened rather than trying to correct it I would just shy away from that and thats what happened once i found out I had something wrong with muting an individual when I isnt supposed to I think I would receive demoted and I was worried since this was my first time being staff on virtually any minecraft storage space and my first hardware I became adoringly obsessed with I just hid faraway from a long time, almost 3 weeks since I couldnt face this I don’t know so why but I had been just method to worried over receiving demoted and obviously this couldnt help although at the time it felt right I don’t know what was going through my head. But after being demoted I was in that case promoted afterwards as a Safeguard which was a little staff list it just had /Tempmute and /kick and I was a guard before the server power down. The hardware just wasnt getting enough consistent players and they was required to shut this down but they still have Skyprison which is all their most good server. We havent recently been staff about many computers honestly since I under no circumstances thought about performing it and I simply thought it was extra effort I thought, So why would you modest people playing the game when you can actually just play the game which can be more fun. But I feel just like its more about the experience and since I rarely get to be staff about many web servers I have not really knowledgeable it, I dont acquire why although on virtually any server everybody wanted staff and I was wondering what is so good about this? And I sort of understand although I would like to try it out and experience it myself.

Why do you need moderator?: MaturityIm really mature when I need to, sure I will joke about and be idiotic but later to have some fun once in a while nevertheless the time is required I can be mature, a few examples where maturity is really needed is. Whenever your staff and interacting or perhaps helping somebody you have to be older because they are a face of the staff team and if you act premature itll simply make the staff team as a whole appear like their immature. Not only that it is just like really not a time to be premature when youre helping somebody and you make a review or just action immature it might make them feel uncomfortable or second-rate. InspirationIve known a couple people who were staff on in this article and I thought it was really cool Skilled is one among my good friends that was staff upon here but he was personnel a while ago and i also thought it was quite cool he told me a whole lot about how it was on the staff team, Items, and the bads.

We kind of looked up to him because hes a great person and really proficient at interacting with people, Hes seriously mature if he needs to then when he talks to random people who he hasnt met he respects all of them and hes not judgemental at all to the people, I mean initially when i first talked to him wow my god I don’t know how having been able to handle me nevertheless he never insulted me, Judged me personally or nearly anything this was in like 2012 when I attained him and damn was I an annoying squeaker. Enough about my life history but hes tought us a lot about finding secrets and cheats and understanding when people happen to be cheating nevertheless this was a bit of time before he doesnt really perform anymore and he informed me what hacks looked like in game when ever ghost clients were even now new so I dont know if what he told me is still relevent today.


This is certainly one thing I do believe its quite good at Im or her basically always recording and always have evidence of everything, I personally use Mirillis Actions! And GeForce Shadow Enjoy so I am basically always recording thus going back and investigating if something was sketchy or perhaps suspicious I have time to analysis, I would hardly ever take action about something Im or her not sure about but that is why My spouse and i record almost everything because if something like I think someone was cheating although I isnt sure I would personally always get yourself a second thoughts and opinions and have resistant so people can see. The funny because since I am not the best is the reason why I actually record anything to get a second opinion rather than being just like oh hes definitely cheating and just bar them mainly because I THINK theyre cheating is actually a really poor way to go regarding dealing with stuff you never know.


With everything I put my mind to and I feel like is important to me I dedicate my personal time to and make sure I put my own best work as I can, When I include a goal I try and reach it basic as that just like how I want ansager on below if I get denied and give up then did I truly want ansager no . We dont want to sell out or not a good example is that on my YouTube channel I like to stream each day and wish to one day be considered a full-time streamer and Im putting all my effort and dedication to reach that desire no matter what. Im honestly sort of a Community forum Junky and Im always on just like 3 Forum pages in different dividers at once, I simply love studying the things people write about and seeing other peoples opinions on issues is really facinating to me. So why do I experience this is important? Well the community forums is where you get the most depth with nearly anything like how the Community sees a certain transform or if the community the suggestion, or if an individual needs assist with something and its particular really the greatest place if you would like answers and also have questions and Im right here to answer all of them most of the time.

What separates you from other applicants?: Personally i think like my personal reasons why I wish to be a pemandu is what seperates me from the masses. I feel just like my determination is something which makes me stand out I am talking about Ive wanted to be staff on in charge of a while although once I was really wanted being staff the server turn off and I missed my opportunity at this. I actually dont remember if I used before I would have nevertheless I never think it was even started Accepted/Denied It absolutely was near the end of Elitekits.

Other things?: I know My spouse and i kept jumping to different subject areas but thats just how I am when ever Im producing my mind only jumps arbitrarily or just supports to one topic for way too long although honestly I like it, once i write about a tiny catagory I like to write every thing thats on my brain. ‹

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