Jealousy offering theme in most summer in one day

All Summer time in a Day

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“All Summer in a Day” 3-paragraph dissertation

Suppose you had something, something that was always there when you awoke, that you just saw and lived with every day. Yet suddenly, it is gone, removed, and replace by something terribly different. You would probably feel like Margot, a character in Ray Bradburys dystopian short tale, All Summertime in a Day. Margot is a woman who has originate from Earth into a civilization built on Venus, and Morgenstern does not have a sunlight like The planet does. Surrounded by children that have never noticed the sun, Margot feels depressed and despondent, and the children hate her, mostly as they are jealous. I believe that an important theme from this story is that jealousy may be dangerous and can hurt persons.

Upon Venus, the sun is concealed behind a continuous downpour, and is also only obvious for one hour every eight years. Whilst her category is waiting for that minute, Margot stands apart from the other folks, because your woman knows that they are really jealous of her. They will knew that She got come [there] only five years ago by Earth, and she appreciated the sun¦” They are angry that she had something that they never did, and when she talks about the sun, they are envious and furious. Furthermore, they are really even more jealous of the fact that she might be going back to Globe with her parents shortly. As a result of all of this, the different children push her to a closet prior to teacher arrives. They increased around her, caught her up and [took] her¦ [To] a closet, exactly where they criticized and locked the door. The kids are happy and never even a tiny guilty by what they have done. However , when the children make contact with the room, direct sunlight comes out, and they most run and play before the rain begins again as well as the sun is gone. It is not right up until they are again inside that they remember. Margot! They cry. ¦Shes even now in the storage room where we all locked her. Due to their serious jealousy and hate, they may have taken away everything had linked Margot to her homeland. To get seven years, the sun is fully gone, and she never found it. Although her classmates feel guilt ridden now, they can not take back what they did to you.

In conclusion, there are many take into account suggest that a possible theme in every Summer per day is that jealousy can be dangerous and hurt people, like Margot. Jealousy affected her classmates, mainly because they could hardly admit that she knew what the sunshine was plus they did not. Towards the end of the tale, the students permit Margot out, and the writer does not go to tell us what happened. I can only imagine that Margot must feel even worse than before, and I could hope that her classmates do as well. I imagine, now that there may be nothing that Margot knows that they don’t, the children will never be jealous and stay nice to her. Could she possibly make some good friends and learn to have on Abendstern? Or, can she finally get to travelling back to Globe and the sunlight and never discover Venus once again?

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