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Excerpt from Exploration Paper:

During this time to end the Russian Revolution, he would be captured by the top secret police and sent to jail camps in Siberia, where he escaped every time. After the previous successful escape, Stalin attended Saint Petersburg and surely could take control of the newspaper Pravda. Over the course of period, this position would allow Stalin to be closer to Lenin, as he could protect and support the Revolution when ever all seemed lost. To achieve these objectives, he created alliances with political allies and then would venture after his enemies. Once the communists reached power, this approach was used to destroy the former Czarist elements in Russian army and force the peasants near your vicinity side to compliment these alterations through violence. After Lenin died, Stalin was able to make use of these strategies to gain electricity. This would create a state that was based on his personality and control, involving collectivization along with central planning. Through the 1930’s, the severe economic depression would power Stalin to purge his military positions and party loyalists. In that case, in 1939 he would sign a nonaggression treaty with Nazi Germany, who does invade the Soviet Union in 1940. During World War II, he would play a vital part in the Allies victory, although wanted to enhance his total control of the territories which were seized from the Nazis. This would create a Soviet dominated zone in Eastern and Central Europe. During 1950, he would help render and equip the North Koreans to invade the To the south, as their innovator Kim Elle Sung was obviously a former Soviet military official during Ww ii. (Haugen, 2006) (“Joseph Stalin “) the lasting effect of Stalin’s rule is usually: one of death, fear and intimidation, while the state might tighten its grip over the people. This is significant, because it shows just how Stalin’s own insecurities and experiences that he would have got earlier in life, would affect the way he ruled.

Notorious Actions

Stalin was a great oppressive leader who would engage in a number of different actions, to infuse loyalty among the list of general human population. The most notable will be: the purges during the 1930’s. This is when Stalin would go following military officers and civilians that this individual believed had been involved in subversive activities. The key reason why, is because there was information that was extracted from the secret documents of Czarist police, which in turn identified Stalin as dual agent who also worked with both sides. When this info was uncovered by the Reddish colored Army, Stalin began his purges as a way to control the citizenry and put straight down any conceivable coups against him. (Mawdesly, 2004) This would result in the fatalities of large numbers and could spark a famine, at the outset of World War II. This can be significant as it underscores, how Stalin would rule based upon his very own personality, exactly where various occurrences in the past wonderful own personal issues would cause the purges.


In 1952 and 1953, Stalin was going to possess a series of tracks of Legislation doctors, who had been considered to be collaborators with the Western. He eventually was remedied by the relation of his own physician, who have he had caught as a part of the modern purge. Nevertheless , these trial offers would never happen, as Stalin would suffer a stroke and expire of a cerebral hemorrhage on March five, 1953. Similar to life his death is definitely clouded in mystery, as it was shown that he was poisoned using waraffin (a form of rat poison that causes cerebral hemorrhages). (Zuehlke, 2006) This is certainly a questionable theory that may never completely be analyzed, making Stalin’s death an enigma. The legacy that he results in is one among brutality, death, destruction and oppression. This highlights the complete personality and leadership design; that Paul Stalin could use when ruling the Soviet Union. As a result, his life experience would form him into a brutal dictator that was interested in his own self-interest at any cost.


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