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EXPLANATORY NOTE One of the biggest foundations of a intensifying nation is an educated population. Development in the different areas expertise such a science and technology, organization, medicine, sociable science and more have created drastic progression in our present society. Within an increasingly strenuous and active global economic climate, competitiveness, a lot more than an advantage, is important. As indicated in the Philippine Constitution, education is one of the priorities of the Point out. Aside from the basic needs including food, shield and clothing, it is one of the primary necessities that the State ought to provide for its constituents.

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While the exclusive sector is usually an active participant in the promo of education at present, the governrnent ought to still business lead in ensuring its top quality and ease of access. It should be identified that the total development of the students is not really dependent basically on books and lectures. Aside from featuring them with a setting conductive to learning, it’s the duty from the State to ensure the quality of education that goes beyond the corners in the classroom; intended for indeed the true lessons anytime are gained in the actual.

However , the current formal educational system has, in one approach or another, miserable the students from the chance to develop their total potential. This Magna Mapa for Students hopes to balance the chance of the students to admission in school and to avail of competent and quality education. It attempts to provide measures to ensure that the scholars are able to exercise their rights to organize, directly to participate in policy-making, right to academics freedom, and right to free of charge expression and information.

Thereby, the passing of this expenses is earnestly sought. Senator FIFTEENTH OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE THAILAND First Regular Session ) ) ) HI SENATE Senate Invoice No . JUl. -8 A9: ().: we 911 INTRODUCED BY SEN. JINGGOY EJERCITO ESTRADA A GREAT ACT PROVIDING FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MAGNA CARTA OF STUDENTS Be it passed by the Senate and Residence of Reps of the Korea in Congress assembled: SECTION 1 . Students. Title. This kind of Act shall be known as the “Magna Carta of CHAPTER I actually GENERAL CONCEPTS SEC. 2 . Declaration of Policy.

It really is hereby declared to be the plan of the Express to promote and protect the rights of students in order to participate positively and successfully in the democratic processes of effective accelerating and developmental changes in contemporary society. SEC. three or more. Guiding Guidelines. This Action declares this as standard guiding rules: (a) The formal educational system getting the principal institutional mechanism for imparting expertise and growing skills is given priority interest and support by the govemment. Education is a right rather than a mere advantage.

It is therefore the obligation of the Point out to provide quality education available at all programs levels. Pupil organizations improve democratic procedures on the grounds. Membership and active which in turn promote and protect students’ rights and welfare and\or contribute to countrywide development will probably be guaranteed by State and school government bodies. Student companies shall not become subject to regulations that unduly hamper their very own activities and are prejudicial with their objectives and interests, provided such objectives, activities and interests happen to be with the school’s mission.

Scholar councils’\governments getting the most representative of the studentry and the greatest expression of student electrical power on campus shall be contacted in the ingredients of school procedures directly influencing students. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f). (g) Student publication shall serve as a principal, moderate for free and responsible expression, dissemination details, and interaction, among the diverse sectors with the academic community. With their democratic rights assured, students is a potent and cogent power in the country’s social alteration.

SEC. four. Definition of Terms. As found in this Take action, the following conditions shall imply: (a) “Student ” anyone enrolled in university in post secondary, tertiary, graduate and post graduate student levels, which includes vocational and technical education. “School ” any non-public, public or perhaps government-run and funded academic educational organization offering any courses in the above-mentioned levels. “School campus ” the totality of all contiguous or perhaps proximate properties, grounds and also other facilities designed by the school since areas or perhaps facilities when you use its college students.

“Governing Board ” the highest policy making body in the school just like: Board of Directors, Wholesale real estate flipper or Regents. “Student Council/Government ” your body representing the full student inhabitants in one college or school campus whose officers will be annually chosen at large by whole pupil population pursuant to its constitution and by-laws, if any. “Council of Leaders ” the entire body composed of the heads of various stUdent companies chaired by the President/Chairman of the Student Authorities. “Tuition Fee ” The fee which represents direct costs of recommendations, training and also other related actions, and the utilization of school services.

The term “other school fees refers to fees which cover other required costs encouraging of training, including but is not limited to dental and medical, athletic, catalogue, laboratory, and Citizen Military Training (CAT) or Citizen Military Schooling (CMT) fees. CHAPTER II RIGHT TO ADMISSION AND TOP QUALITY EDUCATION SEC. 5. Entry.. (a) Simply no student will be denied admission to any school on account of his or her physical handicap, socio-economic position, political or perhaps religious morals, or shall pregnant pupils and accredited reformed medicine abusers be discriminated against.

A student shall have the right to freely select his/her discipline of examine subject to existing curricula plus the instituti. on’s admissions procedures and to continue his/her course up to graduating except in the event of academic deficiency, inability to satisfy program necessity, or breach of disciplinary regulations that do not effectively infringe after the exercise of students’ rights. (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (b) SEC. six. Rights to Competent Training and Relevant Quality Education.

Every student shall have the right to qualified instruction and quality education to strongly related his/her personal and social development andthat of the land, and commensurate to the school fees paid out, and for condition institutions, open public subsidies naturally. Students shall have the directly to make a written analysis of the performance of their professors toward the end of the school term. SEC.

7. Right to Adequate Pupil Services and Academic Facilities. It will be the responsibility of the school supervision to provide the scholars with enough student services and educational facilities commensurate to the institution fees paid out, and for SCUs, public financial assistance granted. PART III RIGHT TO ORGANIZE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S. 8. Directly to Organize between Themselves.

Unity and communautaire effort being fundamental to the realization of common goal and the promotion and protection of common interest, the State recognizes the best of student to organize among themselves.. The rights of student to create, assist, or join virtually any campus organization, alliance or perhaps federation, not really contrary to the university mission, for physical, intellectual, moral, ethnical, spiritual and political curiosity shall not become abridged. SEC. 9. Student Council/Government. The State shall ensure the democratic and independent existence of student councils/governments.

Pursuant thereto, there should be one pupil council/government for every school campus, which should be given identification by the university, colleges and universities concerned. It shall have its own. set of representatives elected in annual popular elections. Every single student council/government shall have the right to identify its guidelines and software on college student activities be subject to this duly ratified charter or metabolic rate, school rules and control, and express policy. SEC. 10. Recognition of and Granting of privileges to Student Businesses.

No silly requirements shall be imposed in student businesses seeking recognition. The guidelines relating to recognition should be formulated by the Student Affairs Office in consultation while using student authorities. The process pertaining to seeking acknowledgement shall commence upon the submission towards the Student Affairs Office by the organization worried on their (1) strategy paper and constitution; and (2) a formal letter resolved to the Pupil Affairs saying that the organization’s intent to become recognized. Recognition will be naturally by the Pupils affairs Office upon conformity with the recommendations.

There will probably be no elegance in the job of school establishments and granting of different privileges to student organizations. Excessive costs for the use of university facilities will be prohibited. Whenever possible the school administration shall let stud~nt organizations to use university facilities cost-free. SEC. 14. Coordination of Student Organizations’ Activities. Every on and off campus activities of student corporation shall be matched by the student council/government in consultation with all the Student affairs office.

The Committee about Elections (COMELEC) constituted to conduct the election of the officers from the student council/government shall be made up solely of bona fide student of the university. The carry out of the scholar council selection shall be saved in coordination with the Student Affairs Office. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S. 12. Forbidance against the Use of Force and Exaction and Excessive. All campus corporation shall be prohibited from using power in avertissement and from exacting excessive fees from their members, in their various other student’s actions. CHAPTER 4 RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN POLICY PRODUCING

SEC. 13. Representation in policy-making process. The student will be represented in policy-making systems (other than the governing board) which directly affect their welfare, especially in subjects review, student discipline and academic criteria. The associates shall be designed by the student authorities. SEC. 16. Student Initiative and Referendum. The student council/government through a the greater part vote of all members from the student human body shall have the right to trigger the ingredients, modification or rejection of a school insurance plan affecting the students.

The proposition for the formulation, customization or being rejected of a college policy affecting the students will be submitted to and approved by a majority of ballots casts by simply all bona fide students of the school in an areas shall be omitted from the power of students about initiative or referendum: (a) admission; (b) curriculum; gc) faculty recruitment and period; (d) rules on student conduct and discipline; (e) tuition costs; and (f) scholastic rules (e. g. academic credit and retention and college graduation of students).

CHAPTER Sixth is v RIGHT TO TOTALLY FREE EXPRESSION AND INFORMATION AND RIGHT TO EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM, SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S. 15. Directly to be Informed. The best of the student to be presented information upon request upon matters directly affecting their very own welfare will be recognized. SEC. 16. Liberty of Phrase. Subject to existing laws and school rules, students shall have the right to freely share their watch and viewpoints. SEC. seventeen. Academic Flexibility.

Students’ academics freedom shall subject to school rules and regulations plus the exercise by the school and members of the faculty with their respective academic freedom, incorporate, but is not limited to, the following legal rights: (a) To conduct analysis in connection with academic work, and also to freely discuss and distribute their conclusions and tips; (b) To conduct request in curricular and extracurricular activities within the campus and in appropriate instances; (c) To choose a field of study to get research also to pursue the quest for fact; to express their opinion on any subject matter of open public or standard concern which directly or indirectly influences the students of the educational system;

(d) To invite off-campus speakers or perhaps resource folks to scholar sponsored assemblies, fora, symposia, and other activities of comparable nature; (e) To express opposite interpretation or dissenting opinions inside and out of doors the classroom; (f) To participate in the drafting of a new subjects and in the review or revision in the old; and (g) To participate in the drafting and/or revising with the student handbook which shall include the college rules and regulations, a copy of which should be furnished the scholars upon entrance to the institution., CHAPTER MIRE.

RIGHT TO BECAUSE OF PROCESS IN DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS. SEC. 18. Right to Credited Process. (a) (b) Students subject tot disciplinary actions shall have the right to protect himself/herself, to be heard and present proof on his/her behalf ahead of an impartial body. There shall be students Disciplinary Panel to be consisting of two (2) representatives make up the school supervision, one (1) faculty member, and two (2) college students to conduct investigations in and determine cases pupil violation of disciplinary requirements.

The blacklisting, expulsion, postponement, interruption and other these kinds of disciplinary sanctions that may be considered against students shall not end up being valid until the following legal rights have been discovered: (1) the justification to be informed on paper of the nature and reason for the claims against his/her; (2) the justification to confront witnesses against them and to possess full usage of the evidence on the case; (3) the right to guard himself/herself also to be defended by a showed or suggest of his/her choice, sufficient time being provided for the preparation of the defense; (4) the right to a hearing prior to student Disciplinary Board; (5) the right against self incrimination; and (6) the right to appeal adverse decisions of the Student Disciplinary Plank to the regulating board and ultimately to the appropriate education agencies. (c)

The decision in just about any disciplinary carrying on must be delivered in the foundation relevant and sUbstantial evidence presented in the hearing, at least contained in the record and unveiled to the scholar affected. The deciding physique must act on its own 3rd party consideration of the facts of the case. The body should, in all debatable questions, give its decision in such a method that the issues involved, plus the reasons for virtually any decision built are clear to the pupil. (d)

Disciplinary sanctions should be corrective somewhat publish on a periodic basis acts that are deem disobey or college rules and regulations plus the corresponding disciplinary sanctions do not violate the rights guaranteed herein and under the Metabolic rate. CHAPTER VII OTHER LEGAL RIGHTS SEC. 19. Right Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures.

Every student shall be totally free of any form of unreasonable search and seizure. Except for this instances no search or perhaps seizure of a student will be deemed valid: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Searches made in the point of ingress and egress by simply authorized personnel of the university. Searches and seizures of illegal content or content falling inside the plain look at of duly authorized workers; Searches and seizures of articles that are illegal, found out inadvertently by simply duly certified personnel; Searches made if the student is about to dedicate, is committing or just committed against the law or a serious infraction from the school’s rules and regulations; Searches created using a valid search warrant.

Articles or blog posts seized in violation from the here previously listed provided rights shall not be used as proof against the college student in any disciplinary action which may be brought against him/her. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S. 20. Usage of School Records and Issuance of Recognized Certificates. Susceptible to the provision of the subsequent section, every single student shall have access to her/him own institution record, the confidentiality which the school shall maintain. He/she shall have the right to be given official records, diplomas, records of information, grades, transfer credentials and also other similar files within 25 (30) days and nights from the submitting of ask for and fulfillment of all important requirements. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S. 21.

Delinquent Tuition Costs and Examination. No scholar shall be restricted from going for a periodic or final examination because of unpaid tuition and other fees within the established terms of repayment prescribed by school concemed and given the green light by the appropriate education agency. Learners with late fees acceptable to take an examination shall nevertheless be subject to the proper of the school concerned to withhold the release or issuance of such students’ school records or perhaps of the paperwork mentioned in the preceding section or to deny such students’ admission in the next doing well term or year before the prior delinquencies are fully paid.

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