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In The Importance of Becoming Earnest, problem of each gender’s role in society frequently centers in power. Inside the Victorian community men acquired greater impact than females. Men manufactured the decisions for their households, while females worked at home. Wilde raises interesting questions about male or female roles in The Importance of Staying Earnest, by simply putting women (like Lady Bracknell) in positions of power and by showing that men could be irresponsible and bad for Decision-making The standard view of gender relationships in the Victorian era is that men had been active, manly, assertive and economically independent whilst women were believed to be passive, pliant and dependent.

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I believe that Oscar Wilde truly does challenge these types of traditional roles deliberately to create humor away of these qualities and to make fun of the conventional roles of society. Both main men characters, Jack and Algernon, cannot really become regarded as manly, or at the least both of them will not fit the criteria for what attributes a stereotypical Victorian guy would be they are what people during those times would phone ‘dandy’s’.

Algy and ports un gentlemanly behavior and trivial things to do can be seen while comic and deliberate for making men appear less highly effective and serious. Algy is also a little too focused on clothing to come across as assertive. This can be found when he criticizes Jack by simply saying that he had ‘never well-known anyone to put so much hard work into dressing and to develop so little effect’. Algernon likewise says in Act two when talking to Cecily that he didn’t trust Jack port to buy his outfits when he has ‘no taste in neckties. Algy is eitler pfau (umgangssprachlich), making him unmasculine and a bit of a tall tale in the sight of the Even victorian audience. ¨¨ A time inside the play when we see ladies as having more power in that case men with the character female Bracknel, she actually is strong and blunt even coming across being a bit overwhelming we get the feeling that actually Algy is definitely afraid of her as he would prefer to make up a fake gentleman then tell her that inches he are not able to have the pleasure of dinning with her.

Another solid female personality we see is Gwendolyn. The girl with feminine in a few aspects just like how se wanted the correct engagement (she makes jack port proposes formally), but simultaneously she is seen as more masculine then Jack especially because she is quite manly. Gwendolyn is also breaking stereotypes as when ever hermother explains to her to await in the buggy but she defies her, were as most girls at the moment would not even dare to disobey generally there mothers. An illustration of this Gwendolyn staying assertive is when Jack port is made to propose to her correctly. Even though Gwendolyn knows exactly what he is gonna ask her and the lady even explains to him that she is going to accept him before he proposes, Gwendolyn insists on a right proposal, which can be absurd. ¨¨Gwendolyn is clearly going to become more and more just like her mother as she matures we see Algy point out this if he says which a girl’s worst flaw is the fact “they find yourself just like their particular mothers.

Her mother, Girl Bracknell, is probably the most manly character in the play. The girl with very pompous and the the majority of assertive of all of the characters. This lady has the power to halt Jack via marrying Gwendolen and has the capacity to boss the male characters from the play around. Woman Bracknell’s masculinity is funny because it is almost absurd. The girl with seen as inadequate some more feminine characteristics just like sympathy such as she has simply no sympathy to get Bunbury who also she says “should just make up his mind if he is gonna live or die. Your woman gives Jack no condolences when he says that he previously “lost both equally his parents, instead states that having been careless, so when he points out that he was found the lady appears to be furious and shocked giving all of us the impression that this wounderful woman has control over the situation.

Lady Bracknell has the upper hand over all the key characters in the play. ¨¨After the study of the female personas it can be concluded that the female character types are not actually typical Even victorian women than are Algernon and Jack typical Victorian men. Oscar Wilde has established characters that challenge the Victorian sights of male or female relations and this is what causes the perform to be therefore funny. The characters are generally not what you would anticipate and can be known as over high stereotypes of gender jobs at the time.


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