Manufacturer awareness and perception to branded

The jewels and jewellery industry uses up an important position in the American indian economy and it is one of the quickest growing companies in the country. In the late 1990s, the Indian jewelry market observed a shift in consumer perceptions of jewellery. Apart from the historical religious significance, Jewellery is highly valued as a crucial savings and investment motor vehicle in India. Even in present instances, Jewellery remains to be the American indian bride’s `Streedhan’, the prosperity she requires with her when your woman marries and which remains hers.

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Precious metal jewellery is definitely the preferred jewelry worn by simply women in India irrespective of their religious beliefs. In marriages, gold jewellery is the gift favored by the close to relatives from the bride and the groom. Jewellery is very popular among farmers, with an upsurge in gold sales after having a good gardening season. Obtaining gold is a crucial part of every single stage of an Indian citizen’s life” at birth, marriage, development of home, festivals, spiritual ceremonies, preparing of new business, and death.

Instead of getting regarded as just an investment option, jewellery was being prized for its aesthetic appeal. In other words, major seemed to include shifted from content to design and style. Trendy, affordable and lightweight jewelry soon attained familiarity. Branded jewellery likewise gained acknowledgement forcing classic Jewellers to visit in for branding. As India makes quick progress in the retail market, the American indian Jewellery market is undergoing a gradual evolution from unorganised to organized formats. Jewellery retailing is definitely moving from a ‘storehouse of value’ to a valuable fashion accessory. Simple gold is definitely gradually easing its stranglehold on the Of india consumer psyche to give way to gemstones, platinum and coloured gem stones.

The way jewelry was donned before is undergoing a huge change. Nevertheless branded jewellery players will certainly continue to encounter lot of competition from neighborhood jewellers. To achieve market share, they may have to come up with designs that customers wish and earn the trust and assurance of consumers by hallmarking and demonstrating the purity with the gold used by them. To compete with classic players, top quality players should also find some way to distinguish themselves. Even though the success of a particular manufacturer will depend on difference, affordability and quality is a key elementin sustaining a brand. The present study will help us to understand the brand name awareness and perception from the customers toward MALABAR GOLD jewellery in Bangalore.


Inside the emerging knowledge based economy it has become important to know how very much market electric power lies while using brand name. Awareness and Belief are the two key metrics that any business would value to measure their particular brand power. The study of manufacturer awareness and perception is crucial in advertising planning. Customer needs and preferences continue to keep changing exactly where brands ultimately command client’s loyalty. With out brand awareness occurring, simply no other conversation effects can happen. For a consumer to buy a brandname they must initially be made aware of it. Company attitude may not be formed, and intention to buy cannot occur unless brand awareness has occurred. Brand perception is created by client experience with the brand’s service or product. In other words, understanding is the beliefs consumers attach to a brand.

Following your purchase of specialized goods or shopping merchandise, the customer exhibits post purchase behaviour. It can be either cognitive consonance or perhaps cognitive cacophonie. The écho leads to dissatisfaction. But when it comes to customers going into high value high grade segment items such as rare metal, diamond and platinum ornaments, in a large competitive with too many players in the market, then this customer certainly has a wide range of choice to select from and thoroughly evaluates the several showrooms before making a purchase decision. In such a situation, any purchase dissonance will lead to high degree of discontentment, which may also lead to spreading negative view to the prospective buyer of jeweller’s wall socket. Hence an investigation is performed to understand the brand awareness and perception to branded jewelry with certain reference to Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Bangalore.


Primary goal

The primary objective of the study is always to determine the level of brand awarenessand brand notion of Malabar Gold Jewellery, and the use of it as being a measure to improve the marketing effectiveness of Malabar Company Jewellery.

Supplementary objectives

i. To compare the customer preference involving the branded and non top quality jewellery ii. To understand the parameters absolutely free themes consider while buying jewellery 3. To know just how brand inclination is formed in purchasing Malabar Gold jewelry among customers iv. To measure the standard of satisfaction of customers of Malabar Gold v. To analyze the marketing strategies of Malabar Gold with regard to company awareness and perception



The research will be detailed in nature


Customers ordering gold in Bangalore Town


The sample to get the study will be limited to one zero five respondents.


For this study the respondents will be the customers buying rare metal and diamond jewellery


Simple randomly sampling technique will be used for the study.


Main data:

Primary info will be gathered using a organized questionnaire along with personal interview method. Second data:

The extra data for this work will be obtained from business magazines and brochures, web page, newspapers, net, text books, reports and other

promotional materials.


Hypothesis 1

Null Hypothesis (H0): Gender of customers and preference to get branded and non-branded jewelry is impartial. Alternative Hypothesis (H1): Sexuality of customers and preference intended for branded and non-branded jewelry is self-employed. Hypothesis 2

Null Speculation (H0): Relationship Status of shoppers and purchase of jewelry is self-employed. Alternative Speculation (H1): Relationship Status of shoppers and purchase of jewelry is dependent.


The data gathered from various sources will be tabulated and represented making use of the percentage and ranking method. Graphical equipment like club diagrams, curry charts and so forth, will be used to illustrate the tabulated data pictorially. Inferences and meaning of the data will be completed on the basis of tabulated data. In both Hypotheses 1 and 2, the null ideas will be examined using Chi-Square test for independence of attributes in 5% level of significance.


a. Advantages

n. Review of Books & Research Design

c. Profile of Industry/Business/Selected Organisations

d. Outcomes, Analyses and Discussions

e. Summary of Results, Conclusions and Recommendations.


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