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Modern Counseling Proficiency

A counselor’s knowledge, awareness, and expertise concerning multicultural differences may have a significant influence on their capacity to provide top quality care (Penn and Post, 2012, p. 14-17). These multicultural competencies have therefore been recognized by counseling students as more and more important, especially since American society is starting to become more ethnically diverse. A newly released study reviewed multicultural competencies among play therapists and found self-perceptions of competency to get independent to train. More recently, Penn and Content (2012) broadened on this getting by looking to identify the factors that influence a play therapist’s perceptions of their multicultural competency.


Penn and Content (2012) selected 510 people of the Affiliation of Enjoy Therapy to evaluate self-reported levels of multicultural proficiency, then in comparison these self-reports to records of modern training. In your first set of findings revealed self-reported multicultural know-how was inversely correlated with ignorance about the racial issues that minorities confront. The second significant contrasted while using results from the earlier analyze and exposed multicultural education, both formal and mixed, was inversely correlated with recognition about the racial issues that minorities deal with in American society.

With each other, these benefits suggest that multicultural education and training can have a significant effect on a therapist’s racial tenderness. As the authors talk about, being aware of and sensitive towards the racial concerns clients face will not only improve the quality of care, although access to proper care. This as well implies that the more aware a counselor turns into of the splendour a client confronts, the less discriminatory the care turns into. The obvious take-home message coming from these results and a conclusion is to participate when feasible in multicultural education and training chances, in addition to encouraging fraction clients to bring any racially-charged issues to my interest during remedy sessions.

Penn and Content (2012) go over the concept of ‘color-blindness’, which suggests an ignorance concerning the ethnic issues many minorities confront. While progressively more aware of the discrimination hispanics face through multicultural training

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