My feeling as a filipino essay

I i am very pleased to be a Philippine! From the decades that approved, a lot of nations have respected the Philippine people, internet marketing industrious, daring, talented, ingenious, these are only a few of the attributes that a lot of other folks and nations admired the Filipinos intended for. But though we have been complimented in many domains, non-e individuals or only a handful of all of us are well reputed for it. We as a people never prevent and think “what can I do for this country.

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There were notable people that have done this but most of us have always taken it without any consideration.

Another notable Philippine trait is ingenuity; we have had a large amount of inventors that contain blossomed in the Philippines, one inventor that may be well known around the world is Agapito Flores, the inventor in the fluorescent lumination.

This advent, should it had been recognized by the us government would have been one of the best ways we could have paid our nationwide debt and would have elevated the status of the Korea as a country, if it was manufactured here in the Israel, but the federal government took this for granted. One more field that individuals really should include exceeded in is cultivation. A lot of the Asian countries have learned their very own agricultural understanding from the Korea, yet we keep adding these products from them, one particular country is Thailand; they can be very proud to say that they learned their agricultural knowledge from the Thailand, one distinctive goods is a Thai Rice, that certain breed of rice was made in the International Grain Research Start (IRRI) in Los Baños, Laguna, but we are one importing that specific rice crop from that country to ours.

Thus my issue is ¦ Why is it our government appears to be a reactive kind of government and not a proactive one particular? Why is it which the Filipino, being a people, appears to practice, what I call the “I problem? Why is it we put ourself on top of everything rather than a component to a land? Why is it that other nations and or people recognize what we should have and don’t? What makes it that we turn a blind eye towards the problems of your society? Why is it that we are incredibly caught up using what “I desire and what “I require that we are not able to see precisely really occurring to all of us as a region? I AMPROUD TO BE A FILIPINO and I still believe that we could make this as a country, but Now i’m afraid that if we may change the outlook of ourselves as a people, all of us will do well as a person but fail miserably as being a nation.

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